If you own a car, you are well aware of the fact of how expensive cars are. Not just the buying cost is high, but the maintenance price also exceeds when you overlook the maintenance on time.


Every spare part contributes to the functionality of your car, and if one of them wears out, the trouble begins. Your car’s windshield is one of them. If you are delaying the windshield replacement on your vehicle, you are risking your life while driving. Therefore, keeping your safety in mind, here are some windshield replacement myths to decode and learn the right information-


Myth1: You can replace it via a DIY- Well, most of the people believe that windshields could be replaced with the right online tutorial and glass replacement kit. But this is not true since handling the entire damaged windshield can cause injury.


Moreover, it will be more challenging for you to detach the worn-out sheet and install a new one all by yourself. Even if the online windshield replacement videos seem easy, implementing the work may turn out to be a mess, involving more repair costs. Therefore, leave the work up to the professionals and hire windshield replacement experts for the job.


Myth2: Driving with cracked glass is fair- Many people are casual about the dent, crack or chip on their car’s windshield, thinking that temporary solutions like applying a tape or some sort of stickers could hide it or hold it for longer. Well, that’s the biggest myth since the broken windshield can fall apart anytime, maybe while applying the brake suddenly or bumping up on the speed breakers.


If that happens then be ready to get injured with the windshield directly falling over you while driving. Thus, never ignore the broken glass and take your car to a windshield replacement company or car service provider immediately.


Myth3: Glass replacements are costlier- Another myth associated with windshield replacement is that they are expensive. Although they are not very cheap, yet they are not super expensive also that no one can afford them. The reason people believe that glass replacements are costly because other spare parts of the car are pricey. However, you can always search for the company with fair services, offering affordable rates.


Myth4: Windshield replacements are not covered in insurance- The insurance part depends on the car’s owner whether he got his car insured while purchasing or not. If you have car insurance, then you must know that many car service provider agencies have tie-ups with insurance providers who can cover some of your services in the insurance policy, offer insurance claims, warranties and sometimes cashless recoveries.


Myth5: It takes longer to replace windshield by a professional-Most of the people commute to their workplaces in their personal vehicle or cars so they tend to believe that if they send their vehicle to the agency or glass replacement professionals, their vehicle will be gone for the entire day, leaving them helpless. Well, that’s the biggest myth to be decoded. You must understand that windshield replacement doesn’t take the whole day. The professionals can get your work done within a few hours.

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