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A garage is usually one of the forgotten areas when homeowners think about their property’s security. It is the most vulnerable space that appeals to the thieves and other criminals and gives them the much-required access to your entire home.

So, whether you use your garage as a workshop, a storage area, or park your car there, you have to ensure to keep it safe and secure all the time. Try these easy and inexpensive ways to burglar-proof your garage and the rest of the house:

  1. Cover the Garage Windows

Keeping the windows of a garage open or uncovered is an unintentional invitation to the burglars. It allows the criminals an easy way to break-in and get away with your precious belongings and have you regret your negligence for the rest of your life.

Thus, if you have any windows in your garage, use a frosted window film, blinds, or curtains to increase the privacy. Though, it will block a certain amount of natural light but will prevent anyone from peeking inside.

  1. Invest in a Good Surveillance Camera

The best line of defense for your garage against unwanted intruders is placing quality home security cameras at prominent positions around your premises. That way, you can keep a tab on who is entering your garage and raise the alarm in case there is some stranger invasion.

The best thing is that you can do all that by syncing the security system with your mobile phone and supervising your property even when you are away.

  1. Install Motion Detector Lights

A well-lit garage deters thieves and gives the impression that someone is already present inside, further increasing their hesitation to invade. Using motion-sensing lights are a perfect way out as the light automatically turns on as soon as any motion is detected.

Hence, upgrade to motion detection light fixtures in and around the garage to enhance your security system.

  1. Use Timers

Forgetting to put the garage door down can become your nightmare for life. It may allow anyone to come in without you even being aware of it.

The best way is not to rely on your memory and use a timer instead. It will signal your garage door opener to close after a set amount of time and free you from the burden of checking the door every time you close it.

  1. Routine Inspection and Maintenance

If you value your security, you should never neglect to carry out a garage door inspection once in a while. That will help you to identify any major issues and get the required garage door repairs done. There may be broken springs, failed motor receivers, or damaged hinges hampering the efficient working of your garage doors and compromising your safety.

So, if you have such problems, get them fixed by professionals at the earliest.

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