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Your homes are not only shelters but the nooks where you feel ultra-safe. Here your children get to explore the world in their initial years of life and you find your peace after a long hectic day of work. Now, you may be safeguarding it in all the ways, but have you checked the window and glass fixtures in your home?

Well, it is because thousands of cases are reported across Canada each year where children and even adults sustain injuries from glass-related incidents. Whether it happens due to flying debris, hurricanes, or accidentally hitting the glass; these injuries would have been easily avoided if a tempered glass was used.

You may have heard about tempered glass before, seen it in advertisements or in huge the form of windows and doors in commercial buildings. But what is it exactly? What makes it different from regular glass? What benefit does it offer to the consumers? Is it worth the money? Keep reading to dive into the story deeper.

Tempered Glass is Toughened Glass

Tempered glass is a glass that is treated with heat and chemicals to be tougher and full of strength. It is different from the standard glass in the way it is made – by heating a piece of standard glass in a tempering furnace and then cooling it rapidly, thus giving it a different structure. This process which is known as quenching leaves the glass 4 to 5 times stronger than the standard glass and resistant to breakage.

One of the crucial characteristics of tempered glass is that it breaks differently from regular glass. Normally, a glass breaks into big uneven pieces with sharp edges that are very dangerous. On the other hand, tempered glass shatters into small even pieces that are safer to handle; which is why it is also referred to as “safety glass”.

Advantages of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is used in a variety of applications – both commercial and residential. Here is why a lot of homeowners just seem to love this option to use in building their glass features and structures:

  • Safer. Tempered glass is resistant to breakage. It doesn’t break easily and when it does, the broken pieces are not sharp like traditional glass. This prevents you and your family from any serious injury.
  • Scratch Resistant. Tempered glass is a great choice for residential windows and doors because they can easily stand up to extreme wear and tear in the houses.
  • Heat Resistant. Regular glass cannot withstand high temperatures but a tempered glass can. That is why it is used in areas that are exposed to high heat or hot water.
  • Tempered glass is suitable for the homes where the security is the topmost priority for the owners. These glasses make break-ins through your windows extremely challenging and survive in all kinds of weather changes.
  • Quality. If you are looking for strength and glass clarity at the same time, then tempered glass is the appropriate pick. The glass comes in great quality and offers commendable clarity. That makes it a good choice for glass shower doors, windows, doors, cabinets or display cases.

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