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Throwing slumber parties can be fun since it is the best way to call friends for spending quality time and sharing a bed with them. Such parties are great when you are planning to organize a birthday surprise for one of your friends.

The great thing about a slumber party is there is no pomp and show; all the focus is shifted towards enjoying, eating and playing games wearing comfortable night suits. You can spend the entire night unwinding, lounging, playing board games or watching movies by arranging soft mattresses on the floor with big warm pillows. How about a hot chocolate with melted marshmallows during the movie night? Heavenly, right?

If you are really planning to throw a grown-up slumber party, then you must go for it because it is what you and your friends need this weekend. Here are some of the ideas you can incorporate in your slumber party-


1) Create Invitations- Before you plan your slumber party, it is important to ask your friends whether they will be available on the specific dates or weekend. If yes, then send them customized invitations. You can deliver it manually or create them digitally.

I would recommend you to call close friends for the pyjama party whom you feel comfortable with sharing your stuff. Once your friends agree, prepare the checklist for the party.


2) Decorate the Place- When you are throwing a house party with close friends, there is not much to consider for decoration. Some sparkling twinkling lights around your living room are enough for a warm and cosy glow. Besides, placing beautiful vases with fresh flowers, arranging curtains and carpet for placing floor pillows and warm blankets would be enough. You can incorporate bean bags for comfortable seating as well.


3) Arrange Food and Drinks- Slumber parties are all about activities, munching and snacking so there is no need to stress about food. You can plan to DIY a pizza or look for various combinations that may include-

  • Assorted pastries
  • Cocktail pizza
  • Mini Burgers
  • Popcorns
  • Fish and chips
  • Chinese
  • Pretzels

Please keep in mind to include food for those who are suffering from food allergies, are vegan or are fitness freaks. You can add salads, gluten-free snacks, baked veggies for your friends with varied food choices.


Besides food items, consider adding mocktails, juices, hot chocolate, coffee in the drinks section to uplift their energy since the fun, dance and games can exhaust them.


4) Plan Activities- Fun activities for your guests, would change the vibe of your party. Give your guests the freedom to mingle with one another and chitchat since they would be meeting after a long at your party. One of the possible ways is through paired up games. Here are some slumber party activities that you can do-

  • Playing board games like monopoly, snakes and ladders and cards.
  • Movie screening
  • Art and craft
  • Truth and dare
  • Makeovers
  • Charades

If you have planned on a movie night, then it is a good idea to take suggestions from all your friends since some of your friends may find a movie boring.

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