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Buying a new car is exciting. A car is your style statement that fulfills your mobility needs. Your new mobility partner picks you and drops you from one destination to another at ease by maintaining your comfort and social status. Your new car is no less than a new family member. Comparing features, choosing colors, those multiple test drives are so much fun.

Buying a new car always calls for a celebration as it is one of the most valuable assets. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind that you should know before driving off with your new vehicle purchase.

Here is a list of first five things to do after buying a new car.


Car manual is no less than a bible, or say it is the bible of the car. You must read it thoroughly and understand various recommendations on Gear shifts, run in period, Service Schedule as Free Services and Paid Services, recommended checks, functions manual, Warning Indicators, AC Manual. In case of a diesel car, the car manual will help you know Idling, Car Engine Off so as to avoid any issue to Turbo-Charger. If you want to take the right feels about your new car then pay proper attention to all the information present in your car manual.

Take some days off to get all the important information, so that in case of any repair or service checks, the workshop people won’t be able to dupe you. It will also help you to understand several warranty terms and conditions.


At the time of the purchase, the fuel tank is half filled. Take some time out the next day and top up your fuel tank early morning and also check the tire pressure. Despite all the inspection at the dealership, it is sensible to conduct your own inspection as it is seen that the tire pressure is usually on the higher side at the time of purchase. If it is higher get it adjusted immediately as per your car manual.


Insurance protects you from various car damages and losses. Seek the help of your car dealer to understand the various terms and conditions of a comprehensive insurance policy. Read the fine print before dropping your signatures on the dotted line. It is very important to know what are you paying for, the various premiums, riders, the works, and benefits. Insurance policy tends to change over time, so stay updated over time. Always remember that you don’t need a vehicle registration number to apply for car insurance, you are allowed to apply for insurance on the basis of your chassis number.


There are various other additional accessories and essentials that you can add to your new vehicle such as a flashlight, a first-aid kit for medical emergencies, jumper cables. You can also keep a spare tire to cope up with a situation of a flat tire. In the time of emergencies, all these essentials come handy. All keep the presence of mind during accidents so that you are able to reach out for help from the police and insurance company easily.

Now that you are aware of the various things you must do after buying a new vehicle, go buy your new car today from the best car dealers near you. Always buy a car from a good car dealer who makes shopping and payment easy.

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