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With the advent of the internet, the global market is heading towards digitalization. Big players in the market are investing millions of dollars on television commercials, radio spots, online banner ads, and social media campaigns to sell new products or boost the sales of their existing products. However, amidst this storm, print adverts haven’t lost its strength and charm.

While online advertising seems to work well for majority of companies, disregarding print advertising altogether, without any calculated evidence isn’t a good move for your business. There are still some organizations that are using printed adverts to reach their potential audience and impact their target market. And, they are reaping immense benefits right now. In fact, almost all the marketers who are using print advertising as a part of their marketing mix are witnessing more effective responses in comparison to other types of advertising.

Here are four reasons why print advertising is still alive and how is it yielding great returns in this era where everyone is going digital:

Trustworthiness and Credibility

Placing ads in respected print publications tends to bring about positive feelings in the readers and hence, generates leads and sales quicker.

A lot of surveys have already proven that consumers trust print ads more than digital ones. It is because the internet content is easily editable and the authenticity of the information cannot be traced or verified. On the other hand, print publications such as newspapers and magazines are more prestigious as they offer high-quality and reliable content to readers.


The fact that printed collaterals like brochures, wall posters, roll-up banners, etc. give a chance to interact and engage with the brand more, makes it highly appealing amongst the customers.

You will be amazed to know that magazine subscribers actually want to read the ads. They want to get better with their careers and passions, and the related content or advert becomes a part of that experience, rather than an interruption. Moreover, these publications can be passed between friends and families and kept for years, unlike online ads that disappear after some time.


The internet is noisy, and so are magazines and newspapers. However, the level of distractions in print media is lesser as there aren’t unwanted links, ads, or calls to action popping up to get your attention.

Furthermore, digital content is generally scanned quickly but paper-based reading is meant to be slow and deliberate; which means the recallability is higher in the case of traditional print ads and as a result, the sales get a hike. That is why good brands prefer creating eye-catching ad designs for print media.

Better ROI

Print readers typically take some sort of action after reading a newspaper or magazine ad. These individuals are more likely to go out and buy the product.

The results are even more outstanding with the combination of print and TV advertising rather than TV or online advertising alone. By using more than one platform, your ads can reach the targeted markets easily and effectively communicate a message to drive action.



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