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The trend of window tinting is not limited to automobiles anymore. It has become a popular option among homeowners too. The way window films enhance the aesthetics of any space and benefit the people living indoors is incomparable.

There is no doubt that window tinting your home gives it an attractive look. But, do you know that the biggest benefit that the window decorative films offer is the protection from harmful UV rays and saving of money on utility bills? It is in fact proven that window tinting has the potential to block 90-95% UV radiations from entering your home and save down your energy costs throughout the year.

However, not all window films are alike. A cheaper quality starts fading way before time and doesn’t sustain any longer than a year whereas a good quality window film can last up to 8-10 years. So, to ensure that you invest in the best window film for your house, take the following tips into consideration –


Before investing in any kind of window film, it is important that you evaluate the motive of getting them for your home. Are you planning to use it as a decorative factor? Are you looking for adding privacy to the area? Are you looking to save down on your utility bills or just as a protection against the sun damage?

Whatever be your needs, try to be clear with them first because every window film serves different purpose. So, once you assess your requirements, it will be easier for you to choose the appropriate one.


For most of the people, the basic motive behind getting a decorative film in their homes is to build armor against UV rays. The harmful radiations emitted from the sun not only destroy the upholstery and interiors of home but also affect the people residing inside. So, it is essential that you invest in high-quality films that offer you the maximum protection.

While shopping around in the market, make sure you carry out a detailed comparison between the window films offered by various brands and manufacturers and choose only the best quality.


In the name of protection or privacy, you need not be compromising on the decorative aspect. While some brands offer plain and barely noticeable films, there are others that offer beautifully designed films that come in various shades, textures, and patterns. These decorative films jazz up the existing windows and add instant beauty to your space at really affordable prices.

So, while working with a dealer, make sure you check out the complete range of films and compare the features offered by them and look which one suits you the best.

Lastly, make sure you request for quotes from multiple dealers and compare their prices. Ask them the charges of installation and the type of warranties they offer for their products.

Just by following these easy tips, you are bound to get the best decorative films for your home.



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