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While advertising your product or company at an exhibition or some trade, event Roll up banner and its design have to be the best. It is going to leave the first impression of yours on the audience.

At any event, it can be the best source for showcasing a brief of your services and contact information. Moreover, they are easy to carry and can be put at any location where you think it is going to catch attention. But, above all its design has to be the best and in symmetry if you want it to get noticed.


So you are thinking of getting a Roll up Banner designed for advertising your company and its offerings?

Then here are the 10 tips for designing the best Roll up Banner:

  1. The Logo needs to be at the top

Logo and other relevant information must be placed at the top of the roll up banner. Because most of the times it is going to be the first place where visitor’s eyes will stop.


  1. Follow top-to-bottom and left-to-right rule

As in schools, we are taught to read from top-to-bottom and left-to-right, so it is the habit of every human to follow this rule. Organize the information in such a way that most information comes to the left and on the top of the banner.


  1. High-quality graphics and images are the keys

Everyone uses images on banners, but important is they must be of high-quality. Make sure that their resolution of 300 dots per inch and they must be saved as CMYK(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).


  1. Use text and spacing appropriately

You strictly need to obey the rule of typography. It says that text must be legible, readable and appealing when presented. Also, you have to consider the typeface of the logo while choosing the one for the text. Visuals and graphics of the banners have to be fascinating to seize the visitor’s eyes.


  1. Be cautious while choosing colors

Colors are going to help you in capturing the attention of the people, so be careful while selecting them. Colors of the logo, images, and background must match each other. Why?

Because if you will not balance the colors scheme then people are not going to recognize you. Incase, you are not good at color-scheme then go for sites like Adobe Color CC.


  1. Select the apt size for the banner

The size of the banner depends entirely on your need. If you want to showcase each and every detail of your services or product then go for the larger size. If you are having some other banners too, then you can opt the smaller one.

We provide roll up banners of the perfect size which are nor too big neither too small.


  1. Do not forget design aesthetic

The aesthetic is a term related to the beauty or grace of something. So to leave a long-lasting impact of your brand on the customer’s mind, focus on design aesthetic.


  1. Mix and match with other advertising products

Everything at your booth from table cover to advertising banners needs to match each other. Nothing should look odd to the visitors. They must feel that you are brand who do not compromise over such little things even.


  1. Test and Analyze

So if you are having multiple copies of designs and test by arranging them at different spots in the trade show or exhibition. Then analyze which banner brings you more number of customers.


  1. Have a foolproof plan

To measure the effectiveness of the campaign, have a plan which can tell you if you were capable of bringing more people to your booth.

Track the performance of your employees.

Make sure that brochures and banners coordinate with each other.

Look if the location where the banner was placed brought more queries or it could have placed at some other location.


These were the 10 tips which you must not forget while getting your roll up banner designed. It can say alot about you to the customer. Additionally, it has the potential to increase ROI.

Hope this article was helpful.

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