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It was the darkest hour of the night. Downpour was heavy. People in the vicinity were running for refuge except for one gloomy apparition in the eye sight which sat completely motionless on a park bench. The rain had no effect on him possible; it must have been the darkest hour of his life.

Depression is an unusual feeling of dejection and hopelessness. It is like being in a quicksand; the harder you try to come out; the more you sink deeper. Only those who stay put and calm; sail across and but some are caught in it like the downpour and it’s a hard journey back.

“Sadness is an emotion, whereas depression is an illness”, is accurately said by psychiatrist Ken Robbins.

Depression is a chronic disease where person suffers through mental trauma; it is a very serious disease that could lead to fatigue. Depression impairs all senses of mental well being. So if someone around you is depressed then there is an urgent need of help. Generally people have a very wrong notion that depression is just a state of mind and not a disease; most of the cases of depression go untreated and result in an extremely unpleasant consequence. To make sure that you help your friends fight illness here is the list of top 10 signs that your friend is depressed:

10. Unusual tiredness:


It is seen that the people suffering from depression lack in enthusiasm. Lethargic attitude in various daily chores and hesitance to do any work. Very often they complain about sore head or stomach and excruciating pain in arms and legs when there has been no involvement in any kind of physical activity. Tiredness for depressive is a state of mental sickness that doesn’t go unnoticed. It is one of the prominent signs that your friend is in depression.

9. Troubled Sleep


Depressive souls have troubled sleeping habits. To some sleep seems to be the only mantra; you would come home to find them sleeping in noon, midnight and morning whereas some  keep turning sides in bed, they cuddle; then scatter only to cuddle again in anxiety; followed by one more of the many other sleepless nights. The things which would have intrigued them most now just make them even wearier and exhausted. They don’t feel like coming out of bed, lying in bed covers all day. Significant change in sleep pattern is an evident sign that your friend is suffering from depression.


8. Mood Swings


Ambiguous fluctuations in mood; from a frown to a roar of laughter only to go back to whining are some of the very observable signs of depression. A little joke could offend them completely, no matter what; anything and everything could awfully turn their temper on or on the other hand upset them terribly; fits of rage and undulating mood swings from cheerfulness to cheerlessness. If this is how your friend behaves try to talk him out in one of his jovial moods; because such mood swings are an apparent sign of depression.


 7. Disturbed Appetite


A buddy who would give up almost any implicit thing possible in the world for food; sits still as an effigy and turns down his favorite dish and indulges in his thoughts. And the person who would diet till he faints won’t give up on the tub of ice cream for hours. And if you force them; you might end up hindering their invisible comfort cave which makes them loose their temper. Loss of appetite and intake of surprising quantity of food is yet again a vital sign that your friend is depressed.


6. Stay aloof


It is observed that person suffering from depression becomes very reluctant to talk to family and friends. In the depths of his despair he finds peace in staying alone and quiet. Sun rays and fresh air to him are like poison and love is a toxic. There are long pauses when they speak. The only company they like is of their pillow and bed covers; and sometimes a diary or of their handkerchief to wipe out uncontrollable bursts of pain. If your friend suddenly restrains himself from talking or going out with friends or family; perhaps he is suffering from a symptom of depression.


5. Loss of Interest


Nothing appeals to them; nothing triggers their adrenaline. Life to them is like watching an inverted sand glass. They loose interest in everything which once for them was worth every priced possession. Watching television, playing games, reading, talking nothing fascinates them anymore. Most part their routine involves long stares at their image in the mirror. Any pursuit of great deal sounds dismal and depressing to them. To them life ceases to exist. Such indeterminate attitude towards life is a precursor that your acquaintance is sick with depression.


4. Excessive Intake of alcohol/drugs


To fight disappointment and uncertainty of life people suffering from depression are found to consume excessive alcohol and drugs. It stimulates the nervous system only to make the person feel momentary happiness that they have been longing for. Alcohol and drugs impair all senses and thus disheartening suffering of depression seems to die away. But what they don’t realize is that it is a fleeting moment. The reality hasn’t changed a bit. The excessive consumption of such products is very unhealthy and destructive. And the damage to the physical self caused by alcohol and drugs cannot be undone. This is also a significant symptom of depression



3. Inapt Remorse


To soothe the anxious mind, body and soul the person suffering from depression goes back in time to express grief on things done long back. They express remorse and repentance for deeds done in past and this is followed by many crying sessions. McLaughlin Mignon once said,” true remorse is never a regret over consequence; it is a regret over motive.” Abrupt pangs of guilt while doing chores is a very vivid symptom of depression. Due to the things that have happened in the near past they treat themselves harshly to deduce that there is something very wrong with them. They judge the situations and the only culprit in their eyes is themselves. Instead of blaming their deeds, motives or situation they question their very own existence
and value of their own life. If your friend cries his heart out in front of you about any such unprovoked things; you know then, that he is in an imperative need of help.



2. Self abuse


To comprehend the pain of depression many people are set on a voyage to find anything that could hurt them more than the trauma of that they are going through. This expedition leads them to self abuse. Self inflicted injury gives them relief. Hurting the body is not as much pain as the mental mayhem in their mind. Self abuse is one of the very serious symptoms of depression. If your friend is found with such a symptom they should be confronted with it or taken care of; because if this self harm is inflicted again and again it could be disruptive beyond repair.

1. Suicidal


It is observed in people suffering from depression to behave absolutely unaware of life. No physical pain gives them satisfaction. No matter how hard they try to make a way out, they the hit rock bottom with great intensity. With darkness everywhere in sight; there seems to be only one escape for their misery i.e. SUICIDE. This is the most unscrupulous face of depression. The person who is having thoughts of suicide and self destruction is surely in depression and this is when professional help is necessary and advisable.



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