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This article will give you the 10 most simple and basic reasons why any human must acquire the skill of swimming in their life. Swimming is an sport loved and enjoyed by all the age-groups, and it is never forgotten once learnt. There are several reasons why for several years now the summer swimming classes have been a hit and had their own economic upscale with every year. Your parents have their own reasons for insiting on you enrolling for swimming classes the next summer. Discover the most important and basic reasons down here.

10. A eligiblity and safety requirement for any water adventure sport


Swimming is one for of sport you must know for your own safety in case of any mishaps. Before you take interest in any of the following activities in life – boating, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, tubing, water skiing, surfing , sailing or even playing on the beach, it is imperative for you to know your way in the water.

9. Career prospectives


Swimming, among a host of other things offers you a career propectus. If you are a good swimmer and like spending time in and by the side of water bodies, you can choose to be a life-guard, a swimming instructor or any of the instructors in the aquatic centers which have shows for the seals, dolphins, etc. Places like the U.S have given the opportunity to kids to start off as a life-guard to earn their extra pocket money. At the age of 15, children can take the American Red Cross Life-guarding Course. If they are able to pass the swimming requirements, they are eligible. A lifeguard is a great job to have as a teenager, and it could even turn into a career as an Aquatic Director or Swim Instructor.

8. Overcome the fear of water – Hydrophobia


People need to learn to swim to help them overcome the fear of water, if they have any. It only adds to your level of confidence and independence. It also makes you very accommodating while travelling in the sea, not making you  a liability for anybody else. It is said to help you improve your mental health. Studies have shown swimming improves psychological well-being. Female swimmers in particular have shown to experience less depression, tension and anger after swimming than before.

7.  Opportunity for social engagement


Various styles of swimming, more often than not are learnt by kids and older people in a swimming class. A class will consist of various other people taking part in the same activity, generating the scope of interaction and social bonding. Kids make a lot of new friends and look forward to going back to the class for a swim, it forms a motivation for them. Once learnt, people often choose to be  a part of a sports club to regularly go swimming. This form of membership also gives a boost to your social life, adding a new circle of friends of and acquaintances to your list from swimming.

6. A lifelong activity


Much like cycling, driving, walking and talking, you will never forget how to swim, once learnt. It’s a one-time investment whose benefits can be reaped life-long. Its an activity which you can use for any of the reasons mentioned below all through your life, once the style is learnt. No matter how old you are or what your stamina is, you can always swim. It is an independent activity that does not require any perfection to enjoy its benefits. All you need to do is get its mechanisms right and you are set with it for all your life.

5. Exercise


Swimming is a great form of exercise as it works all the body’s muscles and burns the most calories. Even a gentle swim can burn over 400 K-Cal an hour and a front crawl can burn as many as 8-mph run, which says something. It is a great way to tone down your body and muscles. Swimming is said to be particularly good form of exercise for pregnant women or those with disabilities, injuries or illness like arthritis because swimming can support up-to 90% of the body’s weight in the water.

4. Weight Loss


After reading the above mentioned reason, it can be very well inferred that if you intend on loosing weight and shaping up your body, swimming should be on your schedule for the day. So this makes it essential for you to learn the skill to add it to your weight-loss chart. A swim for an hour will put all the parts of your body to work. It’ll include the use of the muscles in your legs, hands, neck, abdomen and back. The movement of these parts of your body will burn the excess fat in them over a period of time, giving you the perfect body shape.

3. Its a sport by itself !


Swimming also qualifies as a sport by itself. It is a sport governed by the Fédération Internationale de Natation (“International Swimming Federation”), better known as FINA. It is organised as an event in the Summer Olympic Games, where male and female athletes can participate in 16 recognized events. These events are usually held in 50 meter long 
pools. Though there are also other competitive swim events like the open water swimming where participants swim for up to 25 kms. It is a competitive sport with a number of styles and forms of aquatic sports and also great scope for  a sport career.

2.Heat Relief


Swimming need not be only a skill acquired to be used in times of its need like for survival reasons, it can also be seen as a fun and refreshing form of activity for humans. In those hot days of summer when the air around you feels sticky and the idea of going out makes you feel icky, swimming comes to be a refreshing experience. Just swim across the chilly water of  the pool or beach or  a lake to beat the scorching heat of summer. In winters, people choose to swim in the ice cold water for the thrill of it.

1. Life-skill


The most important and logical reasoning to be given to anybody to convince them to learn how to swim is that swimming is an essential life-skill, and is more advantageous when learned at a young age. It is more important to survival than any other skill or knowledge you acquire in school.Humans should know how to swim, because any time they fall into a water body of depth more than their height they should be able to survive the fall and not drown. There are water hazards everywhere — not just at public and private beaches and pools, but also at lakes, ponds, water parks and for kids, the backyards equipped with so-called kiddie pools.Drowning is said to be the 3rd highest cause of accidental death in children below 16 in the U.S.A. Not only will you be able to help yourself out of a situation of drowning in water or being swept away by the force of it, you can also go on to help others survive by rescuing them with help of your skills.



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