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Becoming a Cop maybe a great merit for someone and on the other hand someone might think of it as not that that rewarding and dangerous as being a cop a person encounters something different every day. So if you are on the fence of deciding whether to become a cop or not here are ten reasons to consider becoming a police officer.

10. Get a personal ‘kick-ass’ vehicle !!

Police car
A cop is generally issued a personal vehicle with fuel usually paid for. You can drive your police car to and from work, which will save you a tremendous amount of money in fuel and car repairs. You can use the vehicle for some personal work also and save on travel time and costs. It might not be a big reason but a useful one nonetheless.

9.Medical and health insurances and benefits

Health & Medical insurance
A cop generally receives great health and medical benefits as he works for the state and the government ensures the betterment of its cops. The health benefits and insurance policies generally come into effect immediately and the cop receives great pension schemes when he retires. The benefits increase when a cop undergoes any health related operations as the government looks after the total charge of it all.

8. Status of a cop in society

status of cop
A cop is a person who works day and night so that the people of the state and community can live and sleep peacefully.So people see cops as someone who commands and deserves respect.So a cop is a person who is generally held at a very high stature in the community and is respected by one and all. People know and like the thing that a cop works selflessly for the community without thinking about himself . Therefore a cop is held at a very high status in the society and should be respected by everyone.

7. Interesting and simulating job and situations

Diversity of jobs
Being a cop, you encounter situations completely different every day. The job you are assigned to and encounter is completely different every day and so for a person who prefers excitement rather than monotony is suited for the job. It brings an adrenaline rush and excitement which some people crave for. Police officers work as part of a team and, due to the demanding and sometimes dangerous nature of the job, rely heavily on each other. Working in a team like this develops skills valuable in all phases of life.

6. Opportunities of advancement in rank

Due to the command structure in law enforcement agencies there is a great deal of advancement in rankings of a cop and a person can become a high level officer if he maintains a certain respect and dutifully completes his work honestly and works for the betterment of the society. He can quickly climb the ladder in the authority and become a respected officer thereby increasing the security of his job and financial matters

5. Good Decent Salary

Most people don’t believe it as it is regarded as a government job that cops do have good decent salaries. The may not earn that much as to compare with their private counterparts but do have decent earnings and to add of top of that greater benefits by the government and the state. The final salary that a cop receives is quite good with added incentives which increase with the rank of the person and he receives greater perks as he advances in his career.

4. Be a Hero and an Idol for someone

cops are heroes
Good societies often hold cops in great respect and command and small children and young generation see them as their heroes. The Next generation idolize from someone if he does a good job and hope of becoming someone like them. The people hold them as their heroes, their saviors on whom they can depend upon and sleep peacefully knowing that there is someone protecting them.

3. Serve justice

serve justice
Most police officers enjoy their job immensely .They are mainly there to ensure the safety of the people and to ensure that the good get their justice. Police officers follow the law, and they ensure that society stays within the bounds of legislation. They search out wrongdoers and punish the guilty thus saving and providing justice to countless of people. They help those victims move on with their lives by providing them with their share of justice and their right of living in this world peacefully. They are the true providers of justice.

2. Serve the community

Serve the Community
One of the biggest reasons a person thinks about becoming a cop is that he believes that he can work for the betterment of the community. A person who likes to and wants to serve the community the state and the people living in it would greatly benefit from thinking about becoming a cop. For many, it is an immensely satisfying thing to know that their work serves a greater good. The knowledge that what you do will hopef
ully help scores of people in the long run is perhaps the biggest reward .The things you do for ensuring peace and justice in the society will in the long run benefit the lives of people immensely and help the community and the society become a better place to live in. The betterment of the community eventually leads to betterment of the state which helps in making the country and eventually the world a better place to live in. So by thinking that in helping the community you are in turn helping make the world a better place to live in is immensely satisfying and rewarding for some people and those can seriously consider about becoming a cop.

1. Save lives everyday

save lives
Probably the biggest reason and the biggest reward that a person gets on becoming a cop is that knowing that he saves countless number of lives every day. The mere opportunity to save lives every day you come to work makes your inner belief strong knowing that you are saving not only a person but his family his relative’s and the community in turn. As a cop every day you turn up to work you would be saving someone’s life be it providing basic first aid to someone to pulling someone out of a burning car. It might just be providing that extra first aid or chest compression or CPR that might save someone’s life before the paramedics arrive. The mere presence and consistent enforcement of laws will save countless lives that the cop may not even think or know about. Every speeding ticket he issues to every fight that he breaks up to every case of domestic violence or eve teasing he prevents might have turned into eventual fatalities he prevented. Thus by even doing simple everyday tasks he is there to do he saves countless number of lives . Therefore this basic belief and knowing that whatever he does will help improve the lives of people makes his inner conscience at peace. A cop is the first man a person thinks of when a family member goes missing and a cop is also the first one to be present in emergency situations like a terrorist attack to a natural disaster.

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