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A warehouse is a place where the heavy loads are brought, shifted and kept until they reach the next unit. Handling bulky material requires workers to work and run every object. Have you ever realized how manual labour alone can affect the ergonomics of your warehouse? With just labourers using their hands and energy to lift the material, the productivity can suffer and simultaneously, there could be accidents, causing severe damages.


If you are willing to enhance the safety and improve the productivity of your warehouse, material handling equipment is the answer. Material handling equipment consists of everything from vehicles to equipment to machines whether you want to move, store, transport, shift, and place your heavy or bulky objects.


So, if you want your workers to conduct the work smoothly in your warehouse, go through the list of essential material handling equipment-


Storage and Handling Equipment- Storage equipment is used to store objects and products until they reach their final destination or moved by the workers to other location. The advantage of using storage equipment is it not only maximizes the space in your warehouse but also make it look organized. Here are some storage handling equipment you must invest in-


  • Racks- Pallet racks, stacking frames and drive-in and out racks are used to store heavy loads until they are moved to their desired location.
  • Shelves- They play a similar role in holding the material.
  • Mez-Mate floors- Mezzanines are usually placed between the ceiling and production floor to provide that extra storage space so that the material is not left on the floor to block the area.


Automated Load Handling Equipment- Automated machines and vehicles do not need workers to run them. A single operator usually operates these systems either from a remote unit via remote controls or runs them single-handedly. It reduces the number of labourers and emits chaos. Here are some of the commonly used automated equipment and machines-


  • Conveyor Belts- Conveyor belts are motor-driven belts, rollers or flexible chains that can deliver the material from one place to another (usually from a height).
  • Hoppers- They are used to send loose material from a height via a funnel.
  • Robotic Delivery Systems- These systems increase the work productivity by moving them through an assembly line connected to any part in a warehouse.


Industrial Handling Equipment- It includes forklifts and trucks that transport the bulky material in and out of the unit. Down below are mentioned some of the examples-


  • Platform Trucks- Platform trucks are similar to forklifts which are operated manually and are not powered.
  • Side loaders- Side loaders, as the name suggests, are used to load and unload the material from the sides, instead of the front side.
  • Movable Carts- Moveable carts like hand carts are used to carry boxes and require manpower to move using a handle. These carts have wheels to move them from one location to another.
  • Walkie Stacker- These are used to uplift the material to a particular height.



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