Wooden floors are often overlooked as a form of flooring. The myths surrounding wooden flooring are to be disproved – wooden flooring is not overtly expensive, and is worth the time and money being put into it. Wooden floors have multiple benefits over other forms of flooring.

One of the biggest benefits of wooden flooring is that they last for decades. Most people find themselves replacing carpet every five years, because the carpet becomes shabby from daily wear and tear. On the other hand, wooden floors have a minimal maintenance program, and will last for much longer.
Another benefit is that wooden floors are easier to clean than other floors, especially carpet floors. A light vacuum keeps the floor looking clean and smooth, and it is easy to wipe mud or grease off the floor. However, removing mud off of carpet floors can become hellish. As a result, wooden floors are more hygienic. Carpets can quickly become home to certain parasites and bacteria, which can result in illnesses and allergic reactions to those living in that home. Wooden floors, however, are clean and parasite-free. As a result, wooden floors will not have any smell or odour. In comparison, carpets can trap certain smells, making the house have an odour – which is why carpets must be vigorously maintained.
Wooden floors are easier to maintain than other forms of flooring. If the wood gets scratched or damaged because of wear and tear, it is easy to simply sand the floor and reseal it. For other forms of flooring, however, it can become more expensive. For example, refitting the carpet can become expensive and time-consuming.
One benefit to wooden flooring is that it becomes easier to have heated floors. Under floor heating works best with wooden flooring. Carpet flooring works poorly with floor heating, making wooden flooring a preferred choice.
Along with this, wooden flooring is becoming more and more affordable each day. Because of modern production methods, wooden flooring can be produced cheaply, which means that wood floors are available to those with lower budget amounts, making it easily available.
Another obvious benefit is that wooden floors are attractive, which means that homes with wooden floors become more valuable on the housing market. In fact, homes with wooden floors sell easily, in comparison to homes with other forms of flooring.

Aspen Wood Floors, Ltd. is located in Mississauga, Ontario, and is a leading distributor of hardwood floors, solid and engineered hardwood, and other forms of flooring, to the Greater Toronto Areas. Along with this, multiple services are provided to help maintain your hardwood floors, ensuring that your floors remain smooth and glossy for as long as possible. Another plus is that Aspen Wood Floors, Ltd. provides experienced residential builders and contractors, which means that you can have your wooden floors professionally installed, and you can get expert advice on how to maintain your wooden floors with precision and expertise. Therefore, you will be able to beautify your home and get the perfect floors, all while staying within your budget.

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