Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say. A well-maintained, organized, and tidy office makes a positive first impression for your potential clients and employees. Moreover, research consistently shows that clean workplaces tend to be more efficient and productive. Indeed, there are many reasons to ensure your business offices are clean and sanitary, but what about other aspects of your workplace. Bathrooms obviously benefit from professional cleaning, as do doors and windows. In fact, we expect that these aspects of an office space will be part of the regular cleaning schedule. But, what about your elevators, should these be cleaned as well?

Indeed, the overall appearance of your offices will be affected by the condition of your elevators. Often the first part of a business clients will see is the elevator. Moreover, in many cases, elevators are shared between different offices meaning they are high traffic areas that will likely require more frequent cleaning. In addition, elevators are required to undergo regular maintenance in order to ensure their smooth operation. So, when you’re considering what kind of janitorial services you will need in your office, it is important to consider your elevators.

Elevators are essentially complicated mechanical devices that feature many moving parts in addition to the elevator carriage where passengers will ride. Because some of the various compartments and elements of an elevator are out of sight, we are often ignorant about their true cleanliness. Unclean elevators might not only impact your client’s impressions of your offices and business, but they may also not run smoothly or efficiently. Ultimately, a malfunctioning elevator is a much bigger problem than one that is simply unclean.

Experts should always be consulted for elevator cleaning. It is not safe to do it yourself when it comes to elevator maintenance; and because elevators will have to be shut down during cleaning, you will likely want to arrange for afterhours service. Nevertheless, basic cleaning of the elevator carriage may well be within your repertoire. As you would clean any room in your office, the floors, walls, and ceiling of the elevator should be cleaned. Your professional cleaners will be able to tell you whether they can include this task in their list of duties.

Otherwise, elevator maintenance should only be conducted by a professional. They can remove dust from moving parts, ensure all components are operating properly, and ultimately ensure that your clients do not have to worry about getting stuck in a malfunctioning elevator. Before hiring elevator cleaners, make sure you thoroughly research the company’s history and recommendations. As is the case with hiring any professional, you want to take steps to make sure you are working with qualified professionals.

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