For a homeowner, modifying the look of their home is a bug de. And when it comes to modifications, the most important decision one can make which will decide the overall look of your home is its exterior. Deciding the exterior design of a home can be a confusing task and is one of the most important decisions that you have to make as a homeowner. One thing that affects the look of the exteriors of your home the type of siding that you choose. The type of siding you choose will also determine how much maintenance the siding will require. When it comes to sidings, there is a vast variety that you can choose from. Vinyl, wood, stucco or stone are a few options. If you are wondering which siding will serve the dual purpose of aesthetics and easy maintenance, then know that stone siding is the exterior finish for you. There are a number of reasons why you would want to prefer stone siding over any other kind of siding.



Stone siding is something which adds that old world charm to the way your home looks while still being contemporary. It gives your home tremendous curb appeal, which also becomes an important factor for resale. Stone sidings come in a variety of styles, colours, and textures, which leaves you with plenty of options to choose from, you can pick a stone that matches your preference. You can choose stone with a smooth finish or a rougher, unfinished stone to give your home more of a rustic look. The good thing about stone is that no matter what the style is, stone will always look aesthetic.



You will have to choose between installing a real stone or stone veneer while installing stone siding in your home. Real stone is the more expensive option while stone veneer is comparatively cheaper. Real stone is also a natural insulant which helps your heating and air conditioning units work at their most efficient level possible. Stone veneer, on the other hand, looks exactly like real stone and is much lighter and thinner than actual stone. While it is not a natural insulant, unlike real stone, it is much more easier to install compared to real stone. You can choose any of these options according to your budget and preference. A stone finish will make you home look royal and organised.



Stone is a durable material, which makes your home resistant against the wear and tear caused by wind, rain or snow. Real stone will be able to withstand fading caused by direct sunlight and this allows you to avoid frequently replacing your siding or adding a new coat of paint as times goes on. Stone is also naturally resistant to fire, which can help to protect your home from serious damage in case afire breaks out. Hence, stone siding is not only a smart option but is also a safe one.



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