If you study closely, then you will get to know that the level of attacks by criminals is increasing at a fast rate. Criminals commit crime out of jealousy or because they want money. They don’t bother about risking someone’s life and only think of their interest. Thus, it is important to own an armored car. In fact, because of crimes, the demand for armored vehicles is increasing rapidly.


However, VIPs such as Prime Minister, President, business tycoons and celebrities are more in need of bulletproof cars because of their name and fame. When they are outside the homes, their life is always at risk. They even receive threat calls from envious people because of which possessing an armored vehicle becomes even more crucial for them.


Moreover, while doing thorough research, it was found that the armored cars were developed out of necessity. The increase in deadly weapons and crimes over the last few decades has made it extremely important for the VIPs to remain safe from all kind of assaults while traveling through road.


Probing further, let us learn why an armored car is crucial for VIPs.


  1. Armored cars make the journey of VIPs well-guarded – As every VIP want their trip to be well-guarded, presence of an armored vehicle is must. It is designed in such a way that it does not draw any unwanted attention. The highly advanced safety features protect the passenger compartment and also the driver compartment. Thus, an armored car makes it possible to move through dangerous areas safely.


An armored vehicle the body is made of hardened metal right from the ceiling to floor. Thus, it remains strong, and people inside the car remain protected. Further, the windows are made of bulletproof plastic, and it can withstand all kind of attacks from gunshots. And the tires of this special car are designed in such a way that they can even operate after getting deflated.


  1. Armored cars provide protection against explosion – The body panels of an armored vehicle are so strong that they are able to provide effective protection against the blasts. It is so because the manufacturers use nylon and fiber sheet to make the body of the car.


  1. Armored cars provide discreet protection – Armored vehicles manufactured these days look similar to normal cars. The only difference is that they are manufactured and assembled with a special bulletproof component. The manufacturers of armoured vehicles use improved components and incorporate the latest automotive technologies while developing the car. Various features such as bulletproof glass, enhanced suspension, ballistic reinforced body part, and armored plates are included in armored cars. Thus VIPs get the best of the protection.


Armored vehicles have sealed passenger compartment and a secret exit. This provides protection to celebrities and politicians in any hostile situation, and they remain entirely disguised. They also have additional technological innovations such as run-flat tires technology and powerful engines that ensure total safety of VIP in case of any mishap or attack.

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