Hardwood flooring undoubtedly has its desirable qualities. Despite being more expensive than carpeting or linoleum, there are certain perks, and benefits to having hardwood floors in your home. There lies a certain charm in having hardwood floors – a certain rustic sense of homeliness is added, and hardwood floors are versatile enough to fit into any home, into any style or look you choose to adapt into your house.

Wooden floors – especially those of good quality – have the ability to last for decades. Even though carpeting is a cheaper option, you will be forced to replace the carpet every 5 years. Either because of stains, holes, or everyday wear and tear; whereas hardwood floors are much easier to maintain. With a minimal maintenance program, these hardwood floors will last decades, and will look better as the years pass.
Along with maintenance, hardwood floors are much easier to clean than carpets. Especially in cases where food stains, or when mud is tracked into the house, it is far easier to wipe them off of hardwood floors than to remove the stains off of carpeted floors.

One important reason why hardwood floors are preferred over carpeted floors by most homeowners is for hygiene issues – especially with bacteria and parasites living in your carpeting. Apart from that, people tend to get allergic to the dust that easily collects in carpets, making hardwood floors the preferred and hygienic choice.
One great aspect about hardwood floors is the fact that hardwood floors have a timeless look to them – the appeal of hardwood floors has never died out or faded away, and will always look classy and elegant – in any style, and in any home.

The type of flooring you use in your home changes the value or worth of your home, should you decide to sell it or move out in the future. Installing hardwood flooring in your home increases the financial value of your home, making it worth more on the market. Having hardwood floors increases the appeal your house has to other people, especially if you choose to put your house up on the market.
One of the best and most useful features about hardwood flooring is the fact that it is easily replaceable, should any damages occur. With carpeted floors, replacing the carpet can be tedious, and expensive. However, with hardwood floors, if the floors do get scratched, or damaged, a little sand and polish is all that’s required to get your floors smooth and shiny once again – and is thus, cheap and easy to maintain.

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