Mold growth has become increasingly common in homes today, because of the moisture content within homes – especially in areas like the bathroom. Due to high moisture content in the air, mold can grow on the walls, or on any surface in the house. This can be very dangerous, because mold can release its spores in the air, in an attempt to preserve itself. However, mold spores are very dangerous to human (and animal) health, and can cause a number of respiratory diseases and infections, and some kinds of mold spores can even cause cancer. Therefore, it is important to maintain the air quality in one’s home.


It is important to get a mold inspection done, if you are concerned about the air quality in your home. Getting a mold inspection done will allow you to look at the cleanliness of your home, and whether there are any unwanted growths within your home. By getting a mold inspection, you will be able to have an estimate on the kind of damage done by the mold growth, and how much it will cost to remove the mold, its spores, and any other fungal growth out of your home. In several occasions, the contents will need to be removed and isolated, to remove the residual fungal spores. There are usually three steps in a mold inspection. The first step is a visual inspection, where the inspector looks for any visible signs of mold growth within the home. This can include a visual inspection of the exterior grounds of the home as well. Furthermore, the inspector will conduct moisture tests, and will sample the air for any signs of mold spores. Once the visual inspection of the grounds is complete, the results should help focus the moisture tests of the interior of the home, thus narrowing the search.
Once the sites of moisture have been identified within the home, surface and air samples are to be considered. For each level of the home, one air sample should be collected – the data from the indoor tests should be compared to the spore concentration found on the ay of the testing. In this manner, you can determine if there are a higher number of spores inside or outside the home. Furthermore, you can combine this data with the data collected from the moisture tests to determine the exact location of the mold, along with what kind of mold it is – and whether it is hazardous to human health.


Absolute Mold Remediation is a mold removal company dedicated to providing its services to Toronto, Ontario, and the Greater Toronto Area. The company is a family owned business, ensuring that familial values and traditions are maintained within the company. This means that certain values, like excellence and valued customer service, are maintained within the company. Furthermore, the inspectors will be able to provide a free inspection of your home, along with a free estimate of the kind of mold growth present in your home. These services are offered at affordable rates, allowing you to maintain a clean home while staying within your budget.

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