A retaining wall is generally built as a precaution against erosion and runoffs that might result in sinkholes or other such phenomena that lead to serious accidents. In addition, they improve the overall design of a house, becoming a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Retaining walls come in all different sizes and core materials and can be used to expand the garden space and control erosion at the same time. They can be easily customized and can become a method to increase the value of a property. Nevertheless, their construction entails the expertise of professionals and contractors so as to ensure that they have been built properly. Below are few considerations to make while building a retaining wall.


The Material

Before you proceed with the actual construction, it is important for you to determine what material would be best suited for your purposes, your budget, and the style of the overall building. There are a plethora of options available for the construction of a retaining wall. Stone is a common option and can be the best option when it comes to versatility of colors and shapes. Bricks are quite traditionally popular too owing to their durability, although special attention has to be given to drainage accommodations. Following that, concrete walls assimilate several styles, colors and shapes as well, along with being extremely strong. Timber can also be considered for conventional homes.



The construction of a retaining wall has to adhere to a few regulations depending on the state that you live in. Some of the laws are made keeping in mind the detrimental effects of the materials used in the construction. The state also mandates the minimum service-life of retaining wall depending on permanence. Apart from that, the local building codes have to be followed as these walls are essentially load bearing tools. For this reason, it is ideal for a professional service to do the construction as they can be approved by qualified engineers.


The Height

The height if the wall as to be determined in accordance with the location, the soil type on site, and other similar factors. Most reliable landscaping services are competent to build a wall of any size. However, it is important to determine these details before breaking the ground.



It is crucial for you to make sure that the retaining wall is being built on a fortified foundation. This will ensure that the wall will last for a prolonged period of time. Gravel fills and earth that has been properly leveled and compacted is preferable. Besides that, make sure that the foundation material stretches up to at least one foot extra on both the front and the back of the base walls width.


Water Runoff

If you happen to building a retaining wall at a place which has chances of water runoff, it might end up obstructing your construction. This water has to be diverted strategically so that the newly constructed wall and the property are not damaged by it.


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