Installing a plumbing line and pipes is not a work of an amateur, it requires sheer knowledge, the prowess to carry out work, and a whole lot of work experience. You might have heard your friends frowning upon a bad experience with certain plumbing companies in town that they trusted. Your friends might narrate you their incident of bad plumbing, and that can scare the hell out of you because you were thinking of remodelling the pipelines or getting it repaired.


However, it is good to know from friends and neighbours which plumbing companies are to avoid. Besides, checking reviews online before putting your trust in a particular plumbing company can be of great help. In short, you can find a proficient plumbing company if you do some research work.


You very well know that the plumbing system is one of the intricate and essential systems of the house that helps in the circulation of the drained water and useful water, taking them to their destination. If the system gets disrupted, there could be leaks, stagnant water, foul odor, causing various other problems. Therefore, it is important to verify whether the plumbing services provided by a specific company is reliable or not. One of the sure-shot methods of doing so is asking valuable questions that can help you evaluate whether to hire them or not.


Down below are mentioned some vital questions-


1) How do you charge?


Many plumbing companies charge depending upon the work hours per day while others may have a different system- depending upon the type of work, number of men involved, pay per week and so on. Whatever may be the charging system of the plumbing company, if they do not estimate the costs after inspecting your place and the plumbing line, it means they are inexperienced or unprofessional.


Experienced service providers will inspect your plumbing line and check the areas for repair before announcing the rates. Besides, they will reveal the hidden or extra charges beforehand.


2) Are you licensed and insured?


Most of the professional plumbers have mentioned on their website ” licensed and insured.” which makes you skip this question, but I would suggest you still to ask this question in an elaborated form. Licensed and insured means that if anything goes wrong during the work, you are not to be blamed. Any man can get injured, and if the company is insured, he will get his insurance, despite getting into a lawsuit and compensation.


3) Will you carry your tools?


It is important to ask about tools because many companies will agree to repair plumbing at a low price but will ask you to rent your own tools, which in short will raise the overall expenditure. Professional plumbers carry their own equipment, ensuring that even the simplest of the problem gets solved.


4) Can you show your previous work?


A confident plumber would not hesitate to show you his previous work. Maybe he would display some of the digitized pictures and videos of his efforts so that you can trust his work and hire him without a further question. The other thing you can do is ask him to arrange a meeting with some of his previous clients.

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