Have you ever watched reality cooking shows, where people use outdoor kitchens to cook their food- the feel of being surrounded by the sounds of nature, the aroma of spices wafting in the air and the occasional refreshing breeze easing the warmth of the gas? Have you ever thought what it would be like to have such a setting in your own home? Granted, this is not a necessary setup for a home, but it can have many practical uses. Many cultures around the world cook their food outdoors, especially in Central and East Asia as well as parts of Africa. The most obvious benefit, of course, is this eliminates the need for a kitchen chimney. In addition to this, there are many other benefits of having an outdoor kitchen.


  1. The value of your home increases.

Even though you may have no immediate plan to move out, one day you might be required to, and in that situation, the price of your house can increase significantly in the market due to this feature. You would recover the entire amount you had spent on installing an outdoor kitchen and maybe more. Therefore, it can be a good form of investment.

  1. You get a more expansive living space.

It would not make sense to have only one kitchen in your house, that too outdoors, since you would definitely need to make enough provisions inside your house for emergencies. However, if the outdoor kitchen is the primary cooking area, then you automatically expand the size of your living room.

  1. Helps you entertain guests.

An outdoor kitchen is a great idea if your social circle visits you regularly. You would not even need to use your living room, since all the amnesties would be outside, including seating arrangement and food. People from all generations would enjoy this, as youngsters can play games and have fun, while adults can simply help with cooking or talk among themselves. Think about a garden party, but better.

  1. Lesser energy expenses.

The time you spend cooking outdoors, the appliances inside your home can be turned off. Usually, when people cook indoors, the air conditioners are tuned to a lower temperature to maintain the temperature inside the home, which increases electricity bills. Cooking outdoors will help you save up on your utility bills in this way.

  1. No unwanted smells in the house.

Some foods can smell amazing, while others can smell absolutely horrible while cooking, even if the finished product is delicious. When you cook indoors, irrespective of the ventilation conditions, foods with strong scents will automatically make your house feel smelly and stuffed. You would then need to open every window and wait until the smell goes away, which is not practical every time. Similarly, your walls would not be stained by soot or vapour when you have an outdoor kitchen.

In addition to this, if you eat out in your patio, it would mentally make you go out less and you would save more on restaurant food, since you already have your own little quaint setting at home.

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