In the past few decades, the world has seen an increased interest in the positive and lasting effects of healthy living and corresponding attitudes. Not only is this a step forward for us physically and mentally, but also it has opened up a scope for an extremely marketable business- the fitness gym franchise. Whatever the latest trend might be, it is a given that the gym and the associated fitness industry is going to be at the forefront of this market. Nevertheless, what are the advantages of opening up a franchise of your own? For starters, it enables you to elicit the services of a corporate office to assist you in establishing the infrastructure, alongside a brand strength (which eventually serves as the business capital) and advertisement.

Listed below are a few tips on boosting your marketing to facilitate the growth of your business and increase your revenues.


Engaging Online Presence

In today’s world, it is almost obligatory for you to make sure that your franchise has an online presence. Interested consumers are bound to look up your website or your social media platforms to learn more about what you have to offer. Make this online platform as exhaustive as you can. Make sure to include a significant amount of photographs and positive reviews from previous or existing customers to enhance the reliability of your name. You could even include video tours or samples of your workout sessions to give the potential customer a virtual experience of what it would be like to be associated with you. Starting a blog might also be helpful as you could update it with the latest fitness tips and advice, nutritious recipes and diets and any news pertaining to the upcoming events in your facility. Above all, make sure that these platforms are interactive. Be responsive to the client’s questions and make sure to pay heed to their reviews and suggestion to advance into a better direction.


Press Releases

Make use of the local newspapers and magazine companies to disseminate the name of your franchise in a positive light. You could approach them online by looking up their websites. Many of these pages would include a section entitled “submit press release” or a “new tip” link. If not, you can contact them through email as well. Once you have secured that, you can submit press releases promoting your franchise’s name and its accomplishments. You can even incorporate the benefits of working out and adopting a healthier lifestyle in general. Keep in mind that press releases cannot usually be employed to publicize your gym; rather it can be used as a medium to make your name notable amongst your community.


Referral Rewards

Set up a referral rewards program for your franchise either in collaboration with a corporate office, or on your own. This attracts potential customers and encourages them to try and be a part of your team. You could offer free merchandise or give a discount on yearly membership.


Get Involved

Lastly, make sure to be more involved in the events organized by your local health and fitness community. Make your presence in volunteer work, charities and event booths.


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