Building your dream house is an overwhelming experience. There is excitement to look at the final outcome and simultaneously a lot of stress in order to achieve it. Constructing a ‘perfect home’ is easy for the people who know exactly what they want. However, for the first-timers, it is nothing less of a daunting project, especially when under financial constraints.

This is where the assistance of an architect firm proves to be extremely valuable. With years of experience in their field, the qualified architects help you in determining the actual cost of the project from initial conceptual drawings to the last stages of the design. This brings you clarity at the beginning itself whether the vision for your home can be transformed into reality in a pre-defined budget or not.

Building a home on a budget can be quite challenging. You may have to get extra creative and a little compromising on your extravagant desires.

Few other tricks you can use are –

Prioritize Your Needs

It is a crucial step to gauge your requirements with respect to the structure and interiors of your house. There are many things which you can live without and other vital things that you cannot skip. You can forego your favorite television or home theatre system but cannot compromise on the basic structural materials.

So, sit and pen down the essentials and not-so-important stuff you need to spend on. Look at the absolutely necessary expenses and leave the others for the future.

Arrange Your Own Materials

You will be shocked to know that the construction material that you pay for is usually double the price at what it is bought. So, if you can arrange for the raw materials yourself – either by recycling the old one or by picking it from demolished buildings around, you can actually save thousands of dollars.

You should not hesitate in using the old or recycled material, as even that can be in a perfectly good condition. Don’t forget – your purpose is to cut down on your expenses as much as possible.

Go for Simple Shapes and Two-Storeys

To construct a residential building on a budget, it is always best to opt for simple shapes like rectangles and squares and then by using quality exterior paints and a few architectural features, you can enhance the whole curb appeal without having to spend a lot.

Another way to save money on a huge space is to double up the area with an additional floor on top rather than expanding its width. This way you would need to focus on the roof and the foundation only while cutting down on your costs.

Don’t Go Overboard With Landscaping

You can build an affordable home with just the basics. Talking about the landscaping, it is better to keep your lawn clean and functional rather than loading it with costly extra features like retaining walls, fences, trees, patios, etc.

It is better to choose a few colorful flowers, a neat grass bed, and some shrubs that are presentable and cheaply prized.

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