Persian cats are synonymous with feline royalty.  These gorgeous long-haired beauties make loving and loyal companions. This breed holds celebrity status amongst all of the cat breeds; however, some owners of this cat breed report of their bad behavior. Though most of the Persian cat owners are pleased with this breed, some of them are disappointed.

There are many myths and misconceptions about the Persian breed and their behavior.  Usually, bad behavior of the cat is due to the incapability on the part of humans to comprehend the body language of cats appropriately. These adorable balls of fluff prefer a more laid back life and are not a feisty breed. All you need to do is to understand their behavior and correct their bad habits when they are still a kitten. Check out some behavioral characteristics and tips about Persian cats.


v Attention Seeker

Cat owners usually complain about annoying behaviors, such as jumping on the counter and excessive meowing. Persians love attention and often their behavioral issues are related to seeking your attention. Make sure to give them lots of love, some play time and something that will keep them occupied.  You can give them some toys or can have another cat to keep your Persian occupied while you are busy.

v Marking their Territory

The common, yet most bothersome trait of all Persian cat’s personality is scratching. Though it is a normal activity of Persians, it causes damages to floors and furniture. Persians scratch to groom their claws and to communicate with other cats. While different cats have different reasons for scratching, usually kittens use their claws as a part of playing, while adults scratch to mark their territory. One reason for scratching is their grooming behavior which is to get rid of the old layers of the claw and to sharpen it. The second reason is their marking behavior which to provide a visual area marking cue to other cats. To deal with this issue and reduce the damage, it is best to keep your Persian’s claws cut short.  Take your cat to the groomers every month to have their nails clipped.

v Rough Play

It is delightful to play with fluffy kittens and you may not mind if they bite your hands and feet.  However, it is important to avoid playing too rough with your kitten because what they learn as babies will affect their behavior later in life. The cute playing can become scary when the cat is grown with a full set of teeth and nails. Therefore, it is better to let them play fight with a toy, but not with your hands. To discourage your cat from biting or scratching, tap on the nose or the mouth with a finger.


Persian cats are lovable creatures, but like any other pet don’t expect them to behave like a perfect little angel. Treat your cat with a little tolerance and understand their behavioral pattern. Cats are like us humans and they make use of body language to communicate their moods, feelings, likes, needs, and dislikes. The best breed Persian kittens with long, luxurious coats and glittering eyes are not only gorgeous creatures but are also a lovely companion.

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