A beautiful landscape in your property is a must-have element if you want to raise its aesthetic and monetary value. It is healthy, nature-friendly, and overall a great place to spend your time with the family. Landscaping is not an easy job and definitely not a one-man show. It is important that you choose the right landscaping contractor to do the job.

It is a process that takes time, expertise and money. When you decide to choose to design the landscape, you will need the help from a professional landscaper. It can get tough on deciding who to go for because of the numerous choices available.

To make your job easier, here are 5 tips that will help you in choosing the right landscape contractor-

Research and Referrals are Important

You will have to do a lot of homework before embarking on your journey. You should start consulting your friends, relatives, and people around your community. If they have any experience with landscapers then ask them to share some tips and references. They can provide a lot of key details which are far more valuable than any online publication or review site.

Read online reviews that are from actual people. Check out your local rating agency for the business’s ratings.

Check Previous Work

Any experienced landscape contractor with experience will have some records of their previous work. Ask him to share the photos of his previous work. Also, ask them to share real product photos. This is important because projects like landscaping should be functional plus have the looks to match.

The real-life project photos should available on their website and social media pages. If he denies, then that’s a clear sign that something is fishy. Avoid them.

Design vs. Construction

You should know the difference between a landscape designer and a landscape construction contractor. You can work with both of them separately but it is always advisable to go for a one-stop solution.

Many reliable landscaping contractors will have designers in their team that will help you achieve the look and feel that you want. It is important that you let the contractor know what is on your mind. Your vision should be clear with his designers and the construction team. A disconnect between them and your design will only lead to an unsatisfactory job.


A landscaping project is never finished. You will have to take proper care and perform regular maintenance and fixes to ensure its beauty. Or you can let the contractor handle that for you. You can get a special contract with maintenance as an addon.

This also includes warranties and guarantees on some of the work like electrical wiring, paving, water channels etc. You should always insist on a maintenance schedule for the peace of mind.

True Price Estimates are Crucial

Landscaping is an expensive and lengthy process. Many things will change between the planning and the actual installation period. You don’t want your bills to shoot up mid-way through the project. To make sure it does not happen, get proper estimates from the contractor. These should be inline with the market prices and also account for any major changes during the project.

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