A well- designed landscape enhances the value of your property dramatically and gives a pleasant first impression to your guests. If you’re thinking about landscaping and hiring a landscape designer, it is important to pay attention to finding right landscape contractor for you. It is also important to know what services your professional landscaper will provide. Whether you’re looking for a complete landscape overhaul or a few changes, or just a simple lawn care, finding the right fit is important to avoid surprises midway through the project.

You need to develop a plan on your own to create a beautiful, organized, and thriving landscape. A plan of your own will help you when you get information from potential landscape designers to get the best design for your landscape. Be clear of everything you want in your landscape project, like installing a walkway or a water feature, growing fresh veggies or fresh colorful flowers.  List everything, if possible sketch a design of your dream garden space and collect photos to show to your landscape designer for reference.

Therefore, before hiring a landscape contractor, there are some important factors that need your consideration.


v Know your landscape

The expediency of design you have in your mind largely depends on your regional climate, the topography of the site, and available soil type. Take topography of your site into account and make sure that your landscape design enables water drainage away from your home. Further, you need to consider microclimate based on the amount and length of sun and shade exposure the area receives.

v Uses of your yard

The design should depend on who will be using your yard and how they will use it. This is because if you have children or pets, you need to focus on their needs as well. By making use of strategic plantings or walkways, you can create different spaces for different uses in your landscape. You need to determine what sort of garden will best fit your needs and lifestyle. You may need room to grow vegetables or an area with shade. You may also use your yard for outdoor entertaining, or for outdoor dining for 2 couples, or the entire clan. Whatever purpose you have, you will require different solutions.

v Select the right theme

Another important consideration is the theme selection for your yard. This is best done by looking at the architecture of your home. Make sure the theme your landscape contractor use is complementing the style of your home’s architecture because the yard is an extension of your home. Moreover, themes also guide in the selection of plants, decorations, hardscapes, and structures.

v Set a realistic budget

It’s not only about designing and constructing the best landscape, but also about maintaining it properly. You need to determine who will be maintaining it in the future. Set a realistic budget depending on whether you will be maintaining your yard or hiring someone to maintain it. Consider how much time will be required to maintain your landscape and if you won’t have the time will you have the money to pay someone else to put in the time.

These are the most important things to consider when planning your landscape. Remember, it is most important to hire right landscape contractor to keep your landscape alive and flourishing for years to come.

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