Aluminium is a strong yet malleable metal, which is known for its flexibility. If the term fabrication seems to look like a technical jargon, let me break it down for you. Fabrication in simple terms refers to the formation of different structures made of metal. These structures can be made by using force, pressure or heat to either cut or join them. Fabrication is a diverse term and covers both the manual and machine based aspect of the process.

has proved to be one of the best and easiest material to fabricate. Because of its ductile and malleable properties, it can be bent, cut or made into sheet very easily. Joining such a material can be easily done with the use of adhesives and fasteners or if a stronger bond is necessary, welding could be done. Aluminium can be cut easily and bending it can be done manually with hammers or through machines. Not only aluminium is corrosion resistant but also a conductor of heat and electricity which gives it the versatility to be used for totally different purposes. In many industries, this is the only suitable and viable metal which can be used as other metal’s property turns out to be ineffective. Fabricating aluminium could be pretty tricky because of its properties.

  • The metal is pretty malleable and the amount of pressure if applied in excess could lead to deformation of the whole structure.  A great property of aluminium thus proves to become a great challenge for the fabricators which tests the skills and experience of the fabricators.
  • As mentioned above, aluminium is a great conductor of heat. For a fabricator, it becomes of prime importance to know the melting point of the metal and the type of aluminum they are using. To make different forms out of aluminium, it becomes important to melt it at right temperature. Heating it at higher temperature might negatively affect the quality of metal.
  • Although aluminium is light in weight but still is a strong metal. But all metals have some limitations and the fabricators should have full knowledge about how much strong the structure is and how much pressure and weight would the final structure be able to handle.
  • An aluminium fabricator usually has knowledge about all the products which can be manufactured through fabricating aluminium. All the formations and different structures have a uniqueness about them. The way of manufacturing them and the specifications are different, which have to be kept in mind before taking on the project.
  • Technical specialization is also a quality which you should look in an aluminium fabricator. Not all the steps can be done manually and in big projects usage if power driven machines become imperative. No matter how skillful the fabricator is, but if he is not comfortable with the mechanized tools, he wouldn’t be able to do a great job

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