Is the bright sunny day, destroying your driving experience? Tinting of the car windows no doubt is a cheap yet effective way to maintain your privacy inside the vehicle. Tinted windows in a vehicle is said to improve its visual appeal and let you personalize your vehicle. Direct sunlight might affect the visibility for the driver and could prove to be irritating to the eyes of the passengers. Filming the windows of the vehicle keeps your privacy intact and makes you feel secure and comfortable inside your vehicle. Choosing a protective film to tint the windows could be a little confusing. This article will help you to select the film which is perfect for your vehicle.

Mirror filming

If you want a little transparency with the tinted windows, this is the film you should select. You can get up to 30% of visibility but would have to shell a little more money.

Colored film

If you love the funky looks, colored films are the best choice for you. The black color might change to any other color with a change in light to which the film is exposed to. It is advised to install the film which transitions to the color of the vehicle itself. The drawback of such a tint is that the passenger looks at a colored shadow of the things or people outside which could affect the eyesight.

Thermal films

These films keep the car cool as they are able to reflect the sun rays. The UV rays of the sun can harm the skin and these films help you to tackle this problem. The only downside to this product is its price. These films prevent the overheating of the dashboard and eliminates the direct sun rays and glare falling into the eyes of the driver.

Armor films

Many protective films have been introduced in the past couple of years. These films have the ability to absorb impact and thus give more strength to the glass of the window. In multiple scenarios and riots, such armor films have saved the passengers within the vehicles from being injured. Such films could have thickness up to 250 microns and could bear hard impacts, beating and force.



If you love traveling off-road but are scared of the scratches which your vehicle might endure. Anti-grit tints would be able to protect any external part of the automobile from gravels, stones which would result in dents, scratches, and chips. These films are versatile enough to be installed at any part from hood to the bumper.


Many films come for the sole purpose of personalization of the vehicle and helps in increasing the beauty of the vehicle or giving it a personal touch. If you want your vehicle to stand out from the crowd and be a head-turner, a decorative film could be chosen. With the ever increasing variety of sheets and films coming into the market, you sure will be able to find one according to your taste.

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