So, you love plants and a beautiful landscape! Possibly, you’re already putting a lot of time and energy into your landscape. To spruce up your home’s exterior you’re doing everything from mowing the lawn to trimming the bushes. You have planted flower beds, installed a stunning water feature, or even set up the barbecue on the back porch. With all these efforts, you can create a fantastic garden but all these improvements will fade into the dark when the sun sets. And this is where landscape lighting comes in!

If you’ve invested time, efforts, and money into landscaping then why hide the view at night? Installing outdoor lighting is a great way to illuminate your yard and its outstanding features. The landscape lighting highlights your yard’s best features while enhancing your home’s safety. Whether you want to relax outside, entertain guests or add drama to trees and outdoor features, exterior lighting can help you achieve all these objectives.

The landscape lights can transform the nighttime beauty of your home by highlighting its distinct features and adding character to it. So, if you’ve not added exterior lighting yet, here are some benefits of installing landscape lighting.

Visual Appeal

The first and most obvious reason to add landscape lighting is the visual appeal. Installing outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance your home’s appearance. Well-placed bullet and wash lights can accentuate the best aspects of your home exterior. The landscape and backyard lighting highlight your home’s intricate architectural details, as well as the surrounding landscape. There’s no point in spending money on landscaping if that beauty is going to lurk in the dark. The properly positioned landscape lights not only pop out the architectural features of your home but also highlight your favorite plants and other features at night.

Home Security

If your home remains dark at night, it might get targeted by burglars. Strategically placed landscape lighting can act as a great deterrent to thieves. Criminals avoid well-lit homes and buildings because there’s the chance of a neighbor or passerby catching a would-be thief in action. You can think of adding lights on the entrance points, like doors and windows to makes it difficult for a potential burglar to break in.

Personal Safety

From floodlights to small solar lights, different types of landscape lights can increase the outside visibility. When your home’s exterior is well-lit, it decreases the chances of your family or guests tripping and falling. There are several dangers outdoors such as stairs, drop-offs, pools and tripping hazards. When you add light near the potentially risky areas like uneven paths and cracked sidewalks, it prevents a fall or other injury. You should also add lights on the driveway and walkways to allow visitors to find your home safely.

Enhance Value

When you install outdoor lighting, it adds what realtors refer to as “curb appeal” to your home. The exterior lighting offers a solid return on your investment by enhancing your home’s value. The right types of landscape lighting make your property look more luxurious and expensive which leads to increasing its value. When it comes time to sell the property, a beautifully illuminated home is a more attractive one to potential buyers.

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