Trophies are basically a piece of glass, wood or metal but why are they so highly regarded? Why does everyone rejoice on receiving such a thing? The simple reason is that trophies have become a symbol of success and recognition. Be it a student, movie star or an athlete, trophies hold a lot of importance in lives of people. Trophies can range from silver plated fancy cups to a simple wooden one but both of them have the same effect as they instill a feeling of appreciation from its giver.

From football to golf usually, all the sports honor their winners with such trophies. All the athletes cherish the trophies which they receive as that is a tangible proof of their recognition. A survey suggested that sportsmen and athletes valued their trophies more than any other prize (example cash) which accompanied it. A trophy symbolizes victory and athletes feel proud to receive them. These trophies turn out to be the embodiment of the challenges they faced, their practice and training which led them to their achievements.

Sports like rugby give their trophies to the best performing player. All the competitions from major big-shots to small leagues, the way of appreciation boils down to the trophies only. Football trophies are also a site to behold. Some of such trophies are highly valued. From college football leagues to world championships the trophies are decorated and plated with silver or bronze. But not all football trophies are this crafty but still, trophies are given at all level in this sports as that is the only form of appreciation the participants get for their dedication throughout the season.

Also, the game of cricket gives the trophies to the winning teams and the man of the matches. These trophies are usually long unlike the cup trophies. All such trophies let the winner cherish his victory in the game. All the trophies have a legacy and a history behind them and the winners by winning such tournaments take forward the legacy and register their names in history.

Golf tournaments use different kinds of trophies ranging from large cups to golfer’s swing. Golf trophies are one of the costliest as they are embellished and coated with materials like silver, pewter and sometimes even hold a touch of gold. Such tournaments recognize how the golfers performed and which shots were they able to play well. If a golfer is able to play a difficult shot extremely well, then he is appreciated.

But no matter how different the trophies are or how fancy they would be. All of them whether they are given in football, cricket or golf, they showcase the same values and hold the same importance for the participants. All their hard work and willpower is targeted towards achieving these trophies. So, such trophies are not just metal or wood, but the symbol of victory itself.

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