Wasn’t a visit to dentist supposed to mean fixing bad teeth, getting cavity fillings or just the regular dental cleaning? Well, that for now has transformed into a more expansive dental menu. Dentists now have honed and expanded their skills slightly to include beautifying your teeth to their arsenal. You want a better smile? Cosmetic dentistry is now widely available to handle that.


There are numerous dental cosmetic procedures available today. The basics beginning from bleaching or whitening your teeth. Haven’t we all wished to have teeth as white as what we saw in the toothpaste commercial? Well, it is now possible and pretty popular with smokers, who often undergo bleaching of their teeth to get rid of cigarette stains.


There was a time when dentures were primarily intended to assist in chewing food and weren’t remotely cosmetic. However, dentures now are more beautified and if implants are out of affordability, it is a great idea to get that denture for a better smile.


Another of the old procedures, which can now be seen as cosmetic, are implants. This holds true specially if the implants involved are needed in the frontal area of your teeth.  It is hardly a thing to worry now if a tooth has fallen off due to no longer being attached to the root. You can simply get implants that will replace both the tooth and the roots.


Aren’t chipped teeth so stressful? They don’t require implants but a little contouring procedure can help you out of the stress. This procedure either reshapes your teeth or aligns the overlapping ones. Contouring is a definite way to get that straighter and better smile you always wanted. This is however a procedure inclined more on the aesthetics as many who undergo it are not there for unhealthy teeth.


Wishing to straighten multiple teeth? You have a few options at your disposal. You can opt to get dental braces that will force your teeth to the desired position ensuring a straighter smile. However, this process may be time taking and your braces may require multiple readjustments during the course of a year or two, depending on the results needed. Any wires protruding from these braces may also end up being causes of discomfort and pain.


However, a more recent development to the conventional metal braces are the invisible braces that function almost similarly. However, these invisible braces feel as though you are not wearing any braces. While they are more comfortable, their effectiveness may depend largely on the user’s capability to follow the instructions as given by the dentist.


Lastly, there are veneers that act as porcelain jackets to discolored or chipped teeth. You can get the veneers to be permanent through a process called bonding.


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