Everybody waits for summers to go swimming. Whether you own a luxurious house with a huge swimming pool or visit a club for a swim, nobody enjoys it without a bunch of friends chilling together.


With the pools filled with water and people and constantly changing the water to keep it working, it still gets affected and sometimes damaged. If you own a pool in your home, being the owner, you must be familiar with a whole lot of responsibilities that come with maintaining and cleaning it. On the contrary, if you are an owner of the club, you can hire staff to take care of the pool and call for monthly inspections.


Even though you try your best to keep the pool up to date, various things can go wrong; for example, heater malfunctions to be repaired, wall damages to be fixed, changing broken lights, swimming pool pump repair and pipework. To keep them in working conditions, here are some tips for maintaining swimming pools-


1) Pool’s filter must be cleaned-


If you want your pool to remain fresh and function properly, you must clean and regularly change the filter media such as DE grids, cartridges or sand. Various other problems arise when filters suffer from high pressure and remain unchecked. If the pool is filled with water and is unused, leaves and other forms of debris can sink in and get stuck in the filters. Every filter manufacturer guide about cleaning the filters regularly for it to stay clean and bear the water pressure.


2) Check the electrical components- 


All the hardwires in the pool are connected into an electrical panel. If you find spurges or spark in any of the wire connection, you must immediately turn the power off since anybody in the pool can get a shock from the wire and it may result in some severe injuries. Besides, water is a great conductor of electricity, so any leakages in the electrical wires can prove to be fatal.


3) Inspect pool pump circulation-


The pool pump must be turned off if it is not working correctly or if there are other leaks in the swimming pool. Pool pumps are essential since they circulate the sanitizing chemicals in the pool to kill any bacteria. If the pool pump is not circulating to disperse the chemicals, the pool water becomes unsafe for swimming. Besides, the pool pump has to be circulated in the winter to declutter the frozen water and if the pool pump doesn’t work, the pipes can freeze and rupture. Therefore, you must hire a pool pump repair specialists to solve the problem.


4) Pool’s heater must be turned on regularly-


Pool heaters must be used once in every week for at least thirty minutes to avoid the parts from wearing out due to dry rot. Doing so will also discourage insects that like to invade warm pipes during winters. If it is rarely turned on, you may see it getting damaged mechanically.

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