“Ouch! This tooth ache is getting worst with every passing day.”

A few days back, this was the catchphrase of my granny. Fortunately, as soon as I recommended her a dental specialist nearby her area, she turned all hale and hearty (please see that the trouble caused by a paining teeth is equivalent to the trouble caused by common cold). My granny had me to find a dentist for her, but not many people are lucky enough to have me around. However, you can find a reputed dentist all by yourself. All you need to do, is keep a few simple things in mind, and bingo, you will have a specialist to take care of your dental emergencies.

Figure out your needs

You will never visit a heart surgeon for your kidney issues, right? Similarly, you would not want to visit the wrong dentist for your dental problem. There are general dentists that can take care of your tooth pain, gum bleeding and other not so acute oral conditions. On the other hand, there are dental specialists who have mastered in a specific field of dentistry, so make your dentist choice smartly.


  • Pedodontists: precisely kids’ dentists
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: experts of tooth extraction and oral surgeries
  • Endodontists: the one who treats root canal conditions
  • Periodontists: specialists taking care of gum issues
  • Orthodontists: the one who works on improving your bite
  • Prosthodontists: restorative specialists


Now that you know that which dentist performs what task, you need to figure out what exactly do you require.

Time to ask some questions

Once you have settled on the type of dental treatment you require, it’s time to ask a few questions. Just make a call to the dental clinic and ask them about:

Experience – Inquire that for how many years this clinic (or the dentist to be specific) has been around. Ask about the whereabouts of his training.

Location of office – You certainly don’t want to travel miles to reach a dentist. Thus, ask about the exact location of the clinic. The nearer the better.

Clinic timings and emergency services – A few dentists are available only during the morning hours, and a few others only in the evening hours. You need to get a confirmation about the timings, so that you know when you can visit the clinic. Moreover, ask them whether they offer emergency services, as emergencies never provide prior information.

Charges and payment structure – There are a few dentists who have patient-friendly payment schemes. In addition to accepting cash and cards, the clinics also take dental insurance in consideration. Thus, bring down the expense of treatment.

After getting the answer of all these questions, you will finally have the right dentist for you and your family’s oral health.

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