Tired of wearing the same old-fashioned jewelry?  How about going for something different and unconventional which not only gives you a free spirited feel, but also brings out the badass or the bohemian in you. If you are up for a change, why not try wearing the skull jewelry and make a fashion statement. Yes! You heard it right, skull jewelry is not just limited to men’s fashion, but it also includes a lot of products designed for women and wearing them won’t make you any less feminine. Read more to find out.

1. Skull Rings

They are not always the traditional spooky skulls fixed in a ring, they come in sophisticated and classy designs with stones embedded making them unique. You will find them in different metals ranging from diamonds and golds to sterling silver and oxidized metal. The skull symbolizes mortality and power, some people wear it as it helps them boost their self-confidence. If you are not so fond of the human skull you can always go for the bird skulls which are very pretty. If you are someone who loves to collect antique jewelry, the skull jewelry has designs of the gothic era. These days, even engagements rings can be found in the skull design.

2. Body Jewelry

Piercing is not restricted only to the ears anymore, it has been a growing trend among many modern women to opt for body piercing at various body parts such as the eyebrows, nose and even belly button. Wearing a skull stud on your belly button gives you a cool appeal and adds to your outfit. You can wear it to a Halloween party. There are various designs such as the Biker Skull, skull without the jaw, skull with wings, snakes and crosses.

3. Pendants

Wearing a pendant has its own significance. Some women wear pedants in memory of their loved ones, at cultural ceremonies and even for fashion statements. Well, wearing a skull pendant can fulfill all the reasons stated. The skull represents life and mortality and some people love wearing skull pendants which symbolize their own life and rebirth. The skull pendants come in diverse designs and of course in various metals such as gold, diamond, and silver. It becomes your daily wear and it can also be worn as a lucky charm. What else, it gives you a chance to flaunt your distinct sense of style. Many famous celebrities and pop stars these days go for the skull design.

4. Bracelets

The best thing about skull bracelets are that they can be worn with any outfit and are available in free size making it a perfect gift for someone. These bracelets usually are of two types the first one which consists of a single yet dominant skull with beads or even precious stones surrounding it and the other one made of stainless steel which has many skulls acting as beads of the bracelet. The combination of the skull and the stones makes it beautiful and feminine.


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