Electric motors lie at the core of several industrial companies. So whether you are in the domain manufacturing, construction or even automotive for that matter, chances are that you’ll be working with electric motors quite often. It’s important to note that your daily operations are largely subject to the levels of efficiency that your business carries out. Some business owners may not necessary understand the severity of the technical glitches that electric motors may cause. Therefore, it becomes imperative that electrical equipment and particularly that of electric motors are always functional and operational. In the following, you’ll be provided with tips as to how to identify the signs of repairs for you electric motor:-

  • Constant vibration

All motors, whether or not, they are electric, will emanate vibrations to a certain extent but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all vibrations will bode well for you. If a motor is vibrating non-stop then it could indicate a misalignment. Such a phenomena is not unusual, but if the electric motor continues to function with inordinate vibrations then it could cause permanent damage to the motor.


  • Strange noises

As is the case with most vibrations, motors do produce some kind of noise. But there are noises which are very varied and distinct so you can identify which is normal and which isn’t. For example, if your electric motor sounds like its flying away then it could possibly be a cause for concern.


  • A case of overheating

The more obvious signs that you need to have your electric motor fixed is on an account of the disproportionate overheating. Electric motors which are of high quality will have a great deal of ventilation in order to curtail overheating. In the event that your motor begins to overheat, then it could call for either a good repair or adequate cleaning. For that matter, it has been observed that the best ways to maintain electric motors is through frequent cleaning. Debris and dust are highly detrimental to your motor, and by not keeping it clean, it will result in issues such as overheating.


  • Repair will save you the cost of having to buy new equipment

Some people tend to assume that if a tool or a piece of equipment is fuelled by an electric motor, encounters a failure at any given point that it automatically warrants an entirely new replacement. That is simply not the case. As a matter of fact, electric motors can be repaired at a much lower cost as opposed to replacing an entirely new machine. At times, one may find that the bearings will just need to be greased or repacked or maybe even a minor repair which can be remedied. In the event that your motor is beyond the state of repair, the motor itself could very well be replaced and will still help you to salvage the remainder of the machinery. Having a rebuilt electric motor will still bode well for you in terms of the expenditure, compared to purchasing a new unit.

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