Salesmen who gave little pamphlets in the trade shows at various places are thing of a past now. Roll up banners have proved to be one of the cheapest yet most effective marketing methods. Images speak more than thousand words and a roll up banner can include anything from a poster to a print ad. Such banners can come in different sizes and change the visuals on them also turns out to be pretty easy. In a competitive environment like an exhibition or a trade show, it becomes imperative to get the attention of the visitors before they move to other stands. Let us explore how a roll up banner helps us in achieving it.


The versatility of the banners cannot be questioned as you can position them as you want. The places with the most footfall can be targeted, for instance, the main entrances and exits. Any place ranging from the indoors to the outdoors can be used. Although you might use the similar banners for both the uses, but a strong gust of wind outside or heavy rainfall could affect the banner, thus a special purpose roll up banner could be used.

The New town

Are you going to a new city for you’re the exhibition? You can ship these foldable banners very easily in a bag. These banners are not only light in weight but also smaller as compared to other forms of posters. This would reduce the cost of transportation and make it easier for you to travel to different places with such banners.

Easy and cheaper

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to assemble such roll up banners. There are many visual aids to help you throughout the process of installing the banner. When you have learnt to install it, you could complete it in a matter of minutes. However the visual image designing might take a lot of efforts and time. But all of this pays well as you are left with a great and attractive banner in no time.



The sizes

If you want to cover a large area and want all the eyes to fall on your banner, then you might opt for a large sized banner. You can have it in either landscape view or even portrait and can buy custom-made banners in different ratios. Some of them are used in specific occasions and give best results if used in that manner. You can ask your banner designer or marketing manager about which banner size would be best for your needs.

Thus whenever you have a stall in a trade show or exhibition, make sure you carry roll up banners with you. The posters, text or graphics which would be featured on them should be made by a professional designer. Stand designers, on the other hand, would help you select the quality, size and dimensions of your banners in relation to the use.

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