Carpets are one of those furnishings that give an instantly elegant and tasteful look to your house. But as royal as they look, they also require some maintenance. They are made of woollen material and because of that are quick to catch dirt and dust. One would need to clean the carpets even more frequently if there are children and pets in the house as food, colour stains and pet fur can stick to the carpet and give an unkempt look. This can reflect poor cleanliness and hygiene habit and can become a source of allergies.

You can clean your carpet by vacuuming regularly, but a proper clean-up will call for professional services once a while.

Carpet cleaning can be of many types. Most commence with a thorough vacuuming sessions to get rid of the dust from carpets and rugs and make the successive methods more efficient and effective. This is basic dry-cleaning which involves some special cleaning powders. As soon as these powders are applied, they instantly catch all the dirt. After the powder has done its work, the carpets are vacuumed again.

Dry cleaning is followed up by a shampooing session which is pre-treatment. A shampoo is sprayed onto the carpet with a machine and then extracted by vacuuming. The cleaning agents in the shampoos help wipe out the dirt and stains from carpet fibres. These also deodorize and brighten up the carpet. However some little dirt and microbes may still be left behind.

After this, a steam cleaning process works its way. A water extraction process, it is considered the most effective on the carpets. A solution of hot water and detergent is injected into the rug or carpet with the help of heavy duty equipment. The chemicals absorb the dust which is later on extracted by high-pressure machines. It is crucial to make sure all moisture is removed from the carpet otherwise it can give way to mold growth which will not only smell bad but also lead to allergies. If the carpet requires more cleaning, the professional might employ the foam cleaning method, which is a combination of fry-leaning and shampooing.

Other add-on services can also be opted for by paying and extra charge to supplement the carpet-cleaning process. For a fresh and clean smell, deodorizers should be applied. A carpet sealant is also a good option as it covers the top layer and preserves the colour of the fabric and prevents fading.

Carpet cleaning services offer these different methods to give your carpets that brand new look again. Services should be opted according to the carpet material. One should discuss this with the professional cleaners to understand what best suits your house carpets and rugs. The cost will depend on the method opted.
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