Very often as one moves into a house in a new neighbourhood they find facts or unknown truths about the house or the place that they had earlier not known which can often be bad news. There could be many reasons for this- devaluation of land, environmental reasons etc.

In areas where the radon level is high, which had been coal mining sites previously or have a history of landfill in the immediate area are some examples of spaces where the environment agency will not allow the development of homes or commercial properties. This is majorly due to the health risks these spaces pose to humans and also because of problems faced by people in the past.

Many a times when buying a home, people are so concerned with the interiors of the house and the present neighbourhood that they forget to pry into the history of the site and the natural elements that affect it. New studies and land surveys are coming up every day that look into the history and environmental make-up of residential and commercial sites.

Investing in a land is one of the most important decisions one makes, and if it is found later that there are environmental safety concerns, the value of that piece of land can go down significantly. Hence, the importance of a land survey cannot be emphasised more as it will help reduce risk and make sure that you are aware of the latest regulations and safety checks to make a good investment and live healthily.

Information like potentially damaging concerns over quality, desirability and safety of the specific and local areas are some of the basic services offered by many surveyors. One can check online and surveys before making a decision to invest. Online surveys usually provide data from results of previous studies as well as governments warnings specific to that location.

Avanti Surveying provides professional land surveying services to the Greater Toronto Area. They provide a wide range of services ranging from cadastral surveys to condominium developments.

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