In order for any company to be a success in its industry, it is necessary for it to follow and maintain certain standards of work and performance. There are several aspects of every company that play a role in its performance. One of the main aspects is the logistical happenings within the company from the time of acquiring the raw materials until the finished product is finally delivered. Irrespective of the industry, it is vital for the company to ensure that all processes are completed efficiently and in the shortest possible time. The biggest task of the logistics department is ensuring that all material, whether raw or finished, is transported quickly.

It is here that conveyor belt systems play an important role. They allow the transportation of bulk amounts of even heavy material from one location to another in a smooth and fast manner. Because of the importance of the conveyor belt system in almost every industry, it is necessary to pay attention to the manner in which they are manufactured. Conveyor belt manufacturers keep several things in mind when it comes to creating these conveyor belts and these include the needs of the customer, the function for which the belt is required as well as the safety standards according to the agency in charge.

Conveyor belts are used in different heavy as well as light industries ranging from power and steel plants to railway stations and agricultural granaries. Some of the major products and services that manufacturers of conveyor belt systems offer are-

  1. Crushing and screening
  2. Sampling Station
  3. Stacking and reclaiming
  4. Bagging system
  5. Overland belt conveyors
  6. Pipe conveyors between mines and processing plant
  7. Tipplers for unloading from wagons
  8. Track hopper and unloading hopper

There are different individual parts that make up the conveyor belt. These parts include the idlers, the pulleys, and the rollers. Each of these individual parts has its own function and is vital to the smooth working of the entire system. The rollers and the pulleys ensure that the belts is constantly moving properly. The idlers, as the name suggests, are not powered but hold a lot of importance in the conveyor, and is often referred to as the “heart” of the conveyor. The idlers are the support over which the conveyor belt moves at a speed that is pre-set.

One major function of the idlers is to prevent the build-up of material on the conveyor belts. It protects the belt from damage when it is in use and is usually also weather and rust resistant. Another function of the idlers is to ensure that the horizontal and vertical movements of the conveyor belt are in tandem with each other. The better the quality of the idlers, the smoother the functioning of the conveyor belt, and the longer the system lasts. There are different types of idlers that are available in the market and some of these are listed below-

  • Flat-carrying
  • Flat impact
  • Spiral return
  • Disc
  • Live shaft
  • Self-aligned return
  • Roll return
  • Self-cleaning return
  • Transition


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