While working with people from different locations in the world or in the same building, a lot of time is wasted in maintaining documents and sending them to members of your team. To solve this problem, an online document is required, which is available to all the relevant people, and they can view the latest updates being made in the document. And for this reason, SharePoint came into existence. It is a web-based collaborative system and used by several businesses as it manages documents efficiently.


Now, are you interested in expanding your business globally, but don’t know how to deal with people speaking different languages?

Then having SharePoint incorporated with Pointfire is a must.

We are here to tell you how you can make efficient use of SharePoint in your business and can work with people from different parts of the world.


  1. You can assign tasks to your team members, and these tasks can easily be shown in Outlook’s to-do-list. Moreover, you can link the tasks to the project for which they are meant.

You need not tell the employees that a task is assigned to them. They will automatically get a notification.


  1. When organizing large events, you can maintain a document of tasks assigned to different people and can store everything related to the event. It will keep everyone updated with all event-related changes.


  1. You can maintain different documents and can collaborate with the members of the team. Also, you can keep track of who is doing what. In case of any mistake, an earlier version can be restored easily.


  1. If you are working with employees who are from another country or are planning to work with them, then you should incorporate your SharePoint document with the Pointfire tool. Pointfire is used for multilingual collaboration and lets you work with experts globally. A URL will be available to all the employees in their preferred language. Thus, they will not find it challenging to work with you. Moreover, they will thank you for using it.


  1. You can start a private blog for your company or your whole team where you can share ideas. It will only be viewed by the people who will be given access.


  1. If you want every document to be approved by you, so that you don’t lose control over anything, then you can use the content approval function.


  1. You can even access the SharePoint document on the phone and can monitor it while traveling.


  1. You can offer all the training material to your newly hired employees in this password protected document which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Moreover, if you incorporate it with the Pointfire tool, then it will become easier for your foreign employees to read the document in the language they are comfortable with.

With PointFire, no need to segregate your employees and clients by language on different sites. No need to track down documents or content across a farm. PointFire synchronizes UI and content in the user’s selected language.

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