We often take free items home after attending a seminar or a trade show. These free items are generally the products that the companies use for promotion. You must have experienced situations where you did not want to take home the free promotional products offered by companies. The reasons for not wanting to accept the products might be many, but the fundamental reason behind the failure of a promotional product is its lack of usage. People will want to take home the products that will be of use to them. Printed promotional products like flyers and business cards are more likely to not get taken seriously by the customer than other household products like soap, chocolates or even calendars. If you are also thinking about distributing promotional products to the attendees of your seminar and have no idea how to keep the product creative and useful at the same time, do not worry. We have got some great tips to help make your promotional products work.


It is important to acknowledge that the promotional products you are going to offer to your audience will essentially represent the company in its entirety. The product should therefore, be something which is a representative of your company. It should have a strong marketing message, something that excites the audience and resonates with the company. It could something be as simple as using the same colours or fonts on all your products.


You must make sure that the promotional product you are seeking to distribute among the public are items that they might demand. Nothing hurts more than receiving a free product and not being able to use it for some good purpose. Get products that people will actually want to keep with them. There is a huge range of promotional items that are most popular with people and includes stationer, accessories, eatables, etc.


Take care of the audience before deciding what the product that you distribute to promote the company is, make sure to check what kind of audience will be attending your event. If the attendees are most children, you will have to distribute sweets or toys and likewise, if  major number of the people in your seminar will be people who can be gifted travel essential items.


Always be on the lookout for opportunities that will help make your investment go further. Consider partnering with some other businesses to spread your reach and nurture your skills. Do not wait for opportunity to come and knock at your door because in real life, this does not happen. Go out and get the partnerships. 


Chances are, that you might be left with a lot of untouched promotional products as people always tend to leave items as it is. You can declare a giveaway and distribute the same promotional products that were extra. This is a very smart way of re using the same promotional product again and again, making it reusable and cost effective.

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