An outdoor kitchen is basically an extended space outside your home where you can enjoy the weather while having your meals. It is an open air kitchen when one can prepare meals and enjoy afterwards. All of your friends and family members can come together and have a gala time in this wonderful outdoor kitchen.


For having the perfect outdoor kitchen it is imperative that you make proper planning. You can start by taking a tour of the exterior area of your house and see where you wish to establish this kitchen. A lot of factors are to be kept in mind while deciding the exact place of this kitchen like the climatic conditions, convenience and where the productivity turns out to be maximum.


After you have finalized the area, now it’s time to look for a suitable style and design. For that you can begin by searching online, go through various ideas and designs. After all it is your creativity of how you want your outdoor kitchen to turn out to be. Above all it is more than important to decide the budget and while doing so consider each and every factor. Having the budget decided will aid you in searching all the required materials around it.

Below given are some tips on how to design a wonderful outdoor kitchen:

Location of the kitchen

  • Deciding an appropriate outdoor kitchen location is very important. It is recommended that you take a tour of the outdoor area of your home and finalize a particular spot where you wish to design this kitchen.
  • While figuring out the location of your kitchen make sure to see the near availability of basic amenities required for a kitchen like gas, water, electricity, etc. The farther you design your outdoor kitchen from your home, the more difficulty you will face to obtain access to all those amenities.
  • Outdoor kitchens built just outside your home or at your indoor kitchen’s backdoor is the best as you can easily enable access to all the necessities.



  • Since it is an outdoor kitchen, it calls for a more subtle lighting rather than bold. You can be as creative as you want to be when it comes to your outdoor kitchen lighting. Lights hung from trees or light lighting all across are some of the ways in which you can design your lighting.
  • Because it is an outdoor kitchen, there would be natural light as well, so make sure to consider that while positioning your artificial lights.


Keep in mind your surroundings:

  • An outdoor kitchen is basically an extension of your indoor space. That’s why it should complement the design and style of your existing home instead of going against it.
  • Consider the design of your home and then accordingly plan out the style of your outdoor kitchen to be. A subtle and elegant outdoor kitchen will add beauty to your home.
  • Also, take a look at the surrounding area of your home and then accordingly plan the layout of your outdoor kitchen.

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