Everybody wants their wedding to be perfect. It is their big day of dreams. Marriage is a one-time affair for most of us, and hence, we all want our day to be special. Therefore, we plan our marriage day, from weeks or months before, so that nothing falls out of place, and the day goes as we have planned.
People say, matches are made in heaven, but to make that match special, a marriage venue also plays a magical role. From the inception of the concept of marriage, marriage ceremonies have taken place in religious buildings owing to the fact that, nuptials should be done in the presence of the divine. While religious buildings are still one of the most popular places to hold a marriage ceremony, there are other great options that you can consider.
If your special day is just around the corner, and you are anxious to make your wedding, the perfect one, then, this is the perfect article that you have stumbled upon. In this article, we will discuss about ways to choose your wedding banquet hall.
Capacity of the Hall
First of all, before even searching for a banquet, it is important to know jot down your budget and the number of people that would be invited in the reception ceremony. It is important to approximately know the number of people who would be invited, since, choosing the wedding hall largely depend on that.
The banquet hall you choose should suit your requirement perfectly, else, it would either be suffocating or empty. If you have invited a large number of people, then you should have a large space.
Budget is also an important factor, since, different banquet hall would have different prices, based on the space and the location of the hall.
Basic Layout of the Banquet Hall
Sometimes banquet hall just has a straight hall, and there are no sectional layouts of the hall. The problem with these type of banquet halls is that, you can’t segregate the ceremony section, cocktail section and the reception section, which makes it claustrophobic for the people who visit the wedding. Try to book a banquet which provides you with greater varieties, in terms of section.
Parking Facilities
Often, parking facilities are very poor in some of the banquets. Poor parking facilities are usually a turn off for most of the guests. Since, a wedding ceremony generally means that people will come in heavy clothes and jewelry, a large parking area would help all your guest suffice in that.
Wedding Caterers
Wedding is all about extravagant gathering, and food. Hence, a very important part of the reception or wedding constitutes food. If the banquet has a complimentary catering service, then you need to talk with the authorities about the dishes they serve, and if they provide alternative options as well.
If the banquet does not offer any catering service, then you need to bring in your own caterer. You can search for recommendations on the internet, about the best wedding caterers near you.
Most of the banquets nowadays has their own website, which feature a testimonial section from their previous clients. These testimonials will also give you a clearer picture of how the banquet is actually. Hence, never miss out on the testimonials.
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