Organizing your kitchen is something we all need to deal with. Even when you organize it properly, you will find it quickly falling back into disorder in no time. You always find to find solutions to keep your kitchen organized as much as possible. Let us help you to stick with your kitchen storage endeavors. Fridge, sink, and range are a few areas where you work all the time. So keeping that in mind you can divide your kitchen into three storage zones.


This area includes the area in and around your refrigerator. The refrigerator is used for various purposes such as housing leftover, grabbing quick snacks etc. This is the area where you can accommodate cabinets that take care of your dry goods and condiments that go along with typical kitchen grabs – like cereals (so they’re by the milk) or mustard/spices (so they’re near the refrigerated condiments). Also since the refrigerator is so large in size, you can use large cabinets that store staple items like houses napkins, paper plates, paper towels, water bottles, etc. You may also develop space to store various counter appliances that you use including mixer grinder, toaster. If you have too many cabinets in one place then you can break the monotony by creating open shelves for various cookbooks and food storage containers.


This is the area between the refrigerator and range. This area includes the sink area which is used for various purposes such as washing, cleaning, cutting, food preparation and houses dirty dishes. Keeping this area uncluttered should be your ultimate goal. You can create trash or recycling stations with pull-out options integrated by matching cabinet doors. Further, you can dedicate cabinets to flatwares, dishwares, and house glasses. This will help you easily to access between dishwasher and dishes. Try to organize your towels, sponges and other tools in this area.


Finally, the third zone includes the range/oven area. Usually, these are designed one of two ways: with a range and a cooktop above/below one another or a range that has separate wall ovens. In this zone, you must keep all the pots and pans within range as it will make it all the more easy for you to cook. The closer they are, the more time you save while cooking.

When it comes to designing storage you must understand that there should be dedicated kitchen cabinets for each item, such as Housing breadboards, bread bins, toasters, waffle irons, portable grills, and other hot cooking appliances should be kept in one cabinet while platters and bowls should be kept in a cabinet that is closer to the dining table as it will make it easy for you to access it.

Always remember that storage zones increase the storage capacity of your kitchen. It not only makes everything accessible but also enhances your workflow. Contact professionals that can help you remodel your kitchen with various kitchen cabinet options. So what are you waiting for? Increase your kitchen storage needs today!

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