Windshield glass is an important part of a vehicle. It is different than any other glass due to its special design. It is robust, durable, and doesn’t shatter like the ordinary glasses in your home. There might be instances when you are driving on the highway and you hear the nick of a pebble striking your window and still not sustaining a chip or crack. Well, it is because of the properties of the glass used in the construction of windshield that lowers the severity of the impact overall.

However, that doesn’t imply that it is indestructible. Sometimes, even small cracks can quickly turn into major issues if not given timely attention. So, the best way to avoid any major damages is to stop them from happening in the first place.  And while you cannot always predict when a hailstorm might strike or when gravel might come towards your car, there are some general precautions following which can limit the extent of the windshield’s damage:

  1. Drive Sensibly

When driving on the road, debris and bits of pavement keep hitting the cars. Plus, there may be objects falling out of lorries or trucks. Hence, it would be sensible enough to keep a sufficient distance from all the vehicles ahead of you. This will not only safeguard your windshield but also give you more time to react and protect yourself and the vehicle from any potential damage.

  1. Watch Out the Temperature

Any type of fluctuation in the outside temperature causes the windshield glass to expand and contract quickly. Besides, prolonged exposure to heat weakens the glass over time. Thus, it is advised to park your vehicle in the shade and cover it whenever possible. It would not only protect the glass but also prevent the dash from fading and cracking.

  1. Fix the Windshield Chips Immediately

Avoiding chips in the windshield can sometimes become impossible. You may not even realize when it happens but when you do notice, get it repaired from an expert auto glass windshield contractor at the earliest. Don’t let it grow deeper otherwise, it will be more expensive to fix. With bigger dents, you will eventually have to replace the entire windshield.

  1. Replace your Old Windshield Wipers

The moment your windshield wipers are unable to push away all water on the glass, consider having them replaced. Wiper blades tend to lose shape with time and also put unwanted pressure on the windshield; further affecting the strength of the glass and making it more prone to cracks, chips, and other problems.

  1. Use Chemical-Free Products

When washing or cleaning the windshield, you should avoid any product that contains harsh chemicals. Chemicals are the biggest culprits behind the discoloration of glass and removal of its protective coating. Therefore, it is better to resort to household cleaners or use products that are approved by the automaker.

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