The proper functioning of the roof of your house is indispensable to the safety and serviceability of the entire edifice. In fact, the cost of replacing a roof is just about the same as buying a new house. This necessitates the maintenance of your roof on a regular basis so as to not endanger the state of the building. Furthermore, you will be able to significantly prolong the life of your roof and prevent frequent repairs, thereby saving money and time. Following is a list of guidelines that you can adhere to lengthen the durability of your roof.


Keep the Surroundings in Check

Inspect the area around your house to ensure that there are no tree branches that are located close to your roof. This will also prevent animals from springing onto the roof and damaging its surface. Moreover, these branches could very well scrape and disfigure the shingles of your roof. If there are branches looming over your roof, it will facilitate little animals, like squirrels and raccoons, to build their shelters on your roof and dig through its surface, thus weakening the structure. In addition, if there is the prevalence of strong winds and storms in your area, these branches can sway and swing right into your roof’s surface leaving permanent dents and craters that would be too hard to repair.


Inspect the Roof Itself

Examine the condition of your roof at least twice a year (and also after every storm). This will help you detect any signs of destruction so that you know what you will have to replace or repair immediately. Keep a pair of binoculars handy, because walking on your roof for inspection, especially after a storm, is extremely dangerous and can lead to injury. Use the ladder with discretion and make sure you have someone holding it down carefully. Replace the damaged parts as soon as you can so that there is no widening of gaps or further deterioration of the structure.


Do Not Power Wash

While cleaning your roof, if you happen to find any mold or mildew stains, be certain to never power wash it. The pressure of a power washer is often too intense and this can be the cause of supplementary damage by weakening or breaking your shingles. Instead, use roof cleaning products to remove such growth or stains. Besides, it is recommended that you hire professional roof cleaning services for this purpose.


Clean the Gutters

Make sure that you clean your gutters regularly. Cleaning gutters is crucial not just for their own sake, but also for the durability of your roof. If your gutters are filled with debris and leaves, it can cause ice and snow to build up on the surface of the roof, which can lead to water leaks and add additional pressure. If your gutters are regularly cleaned, this can also guarantee that the rainwater has a free course to flow rather than accumulate on the weak spots of your roof.


Professional Assistance

Hiring a professional roof cleaning service can take a huge load off of your shoulders. It is true that you can take care of the basics of roof maintenance yourself; however, a professional service will execute this action in an orderly and improved manner. In addition, they are trained to identify underlying problems that you could have missed. Therefore, it is always a good idea to hire a specialized service from time to time to preserve the optimum condition of your roof.

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