Cork floors are something not everybody considers because people have the habit of sticking to the old traditions of choosing hardwood floors. But do you know that hardwood floors are costly and can wear out quickly if not taken care of properly? With so many options in line, we would like to throw some limelight towards installing cork floors.


With the changing trends, people have shifted their focus from one thing to another; this is how cork floors have come into fashion. A professional flooring company can provide you with a varied range of cork floors that may include texture, thickness and colors.


It is relatively a simpler task to install cork floors and keep them clean. When taken care of, cork floors can last for decades, even with high foot traffic on. The proper finishing applied during the installation process can keep them stain-resistant, making them look new and fresh. However, here are some cleaning and caring tips that can make your cork floors to look afresh for years to come-


1) Installation and finishing-


Cork, in natural form, is very absorbent and susceptible to water damage; therefore, the layers of sealants are used to cover them in order to make it robust, durable and water-resistant. Either the sealants are applied during the installation process, or the tiles and planks come with sealant already applied by the manufacturer. However, when the workers are installing cork floors, ask them to add an extra layer of the sealing agent to guard the sutures against moisture penetration.


2) Cleaning routine for cork floors-


Everyday cleaning routine can be followed by wiping off the surface with a mop. Never use a large amount of water to keep the cork floor clean since the water can penetrate deep in the surface to damage it.


Secondly, it is better to use a vacuum to get rid of the dust, and the dirt that can accumulate on the surface if you want to protect your cork floors from getting scratched like sandpaper against every time somebody walks on it.


Thirdly, spills can happen anytime when you have a cork floor installed in your kitchen or the living room. The spills must be wiped away immediately with the use of damp cloth. Later you can deep clean it using a damp mop. Wiping could be carried out using a hand or a mop.


3) Preventive and caring tips for cork floors-


Where cleaning is necessary to maintain your floors, taking some preventive measures for taking care of your cork floors will do no harm. Here are the things that must be focused on-


  • Rugs and floor mats- Placing rugs can protect the floor from getting damaged and absorbing the dirt brought by the shoes.
  • Place curtains- Direct sunlight can fade the color of the floor; therefore, put drapes on the windows to block the sunlight.
  • Furniture pads- The pointed legs of heavy furniture must be padded to protect your floors from the unwanted damage.


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