When your child turns a toddler, he/she is at a crucial stage. The things learned at this stage will greatly shape how the child learns anything and everything in the future. It is believed that when babies are born, their brains are blank slates and similarly it would not be wrong to think of your toddlers as blank canvases that need to be painted with as many colours as possible and as vividly as possible to create a great masterpiece. This has to be done by the parents and they must be up for a challenge. Parents can do this with the help of classroom rugs- an effective weapon to have in their arsenal when it comes to making children learn.

It is claimed by many childcare professionals that they are the perfect mix of fun, functionality and education. There are a lot of choices that parents have while choosing toys for kids’ furniture and educational materials. Toys can be bought that cater only to fun which is very important for kids but parents’ choice is not limited to just that. Classroom rugs are a great option that also provide fun.

Rugs are not just the boring ones that parents’ install for personal use. Today there is a wide variety of classroom rugs available especially for kids which are a lot of fun and come in interesting designs to capture the attention of kids. They are colourful- something that kids find absolutely fascinating. They add a fun and colourful element to the kids’ room.

Toddler chairs, tables, beds etc are functional furniture which are a given, but another element that parents often miss out is classroom rugs which are also quite functional. They are a great base that provides comfort to the child as he/she walks, sits, stands or even runs around in their playroom. One should choose the kind of rugs wisely so that they can stand the rigor caused by vigorous little kids.

Some of the educational materials that parents buy can be monotonous for a kid which means that they do not reap the benefits out of them. Classroom rugs are functional, fun and also educational which can really help in introducing toddlers to letters, numbers and the like.

These are some of the reasons that have made even child care professionals vouch for these rugs for toddlers. They can help your kids have fun and learn comfortably simultaneously!

E&O Montessori provide a huge variety of kid’s learning materials including classroom rugs.

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