Bullet resistant vests or ballistic vests are often called a “bulletproof” vest, considered as a necessity for today’s law enforcer. These armors offer protection against firearm attacks, absorb the impact of shrapnel from the explosion, the vest can absorb the bullet’s impulse, and can also protect the wearer from slash and knife assaults. The energy is absorbed by each layer of material in bulletproof vests until an explosion or attack has been stopped.

In ancient times, warriors realized that wearing armor can make a big difference and can protect them from arrows, sword, and spears. Today, spears, arrows and other projectiles have transformed into shrapnel and lethal bullets that can kill with accuracy.

The impact of ballistic protection depends on the level of threat and the type of armor worn. Ballistic protection standards are divided into levels with levels II and III-A which are commonly used. Basically, the higher the number will be, the higher the level of protection it will provide. A Level III-A Ballistic vest might offer an extremely high level of protection.

Once you’ve decided with the level of ballistic protection, the things which should be considered next are-




Comfort ties in directly with a ballistic vest. All ballistic vests need to be custom-fitted and comfortable to the individual who will be wearing it. These vests must be comfortable for a long period or else it can become a cause of distraction and can also make your escape from wearing it in the situation where you should wear it. The more protection a ballistic vest provides the heavier and thicker it will be.


Levels of protection

The level of protection provided by a ballistic vest is one of the important factors which should be taken into consideration. The higher number of ballistic vests will provide a higher level of protection e.g. Level II will be soft body armor contains less protective material while level III might offer an extremely high level of protection.



Wearing a ballistic vest every day can become weaker and can lose its protective strength.  One should examine the ballistic panels after owing it several years. Check if it has suffered any damage like creases, odor, tears, or burned.


Quality and warranties

Ballistic vest is a large investment in terms of your life and it always comes with a warranty card. Ballistic quality and warranty is something you will rely on for a long time while many people do not bother to check its quality and warranty.



Cost is the deciding factor, that which Ballistic vest you end up purchasing. Evaluate all the options within your budget. The average life of a Ballistic vest is around 5 years. You can invest slightly higher than your budget as safety comes first.


Mobility while wearing a ballistic vest

Having the right armor vest is crucial for safety. If the vest is too large, it can make you uncomfortable; if it is too tight it can limit your movement. Your vest must allow you to rotate your torso or arms normally without making you feel uncomfortable or awkward.

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