The most economical and easiest way to make a place solely to relax at your home is to build a sunroom. It is a perfect solution for homeowners who want to add a sun-filled space in their home. It only costs less in the construction phase, but it is also pocket-friendly to furnish. It gives a nice touch to your house, making it look breezy and casual. You can furnish it any which way you desire. It could also reflect your personality.


Selecting the kind sunroom for your home

This is the most crucial decision you might have to take while planning to have a sunroom at your place. There are many options available, and hence the process could be a little overwhelming. You can choose from screened-in, three seasons, four seasons, solarium or a traditional sunroom.

Depending on the type of sunroom you pick, the investment also varies. The cost of the solarium, all season and traditional sunroom is generally on the higher side, but can be also be used as an additional living room, suitable for a growing family. These are also cut out from the existing space in your house. If adding some space to your house isn’t your primary concern, then you must go for a screened-in or three seasons sunroom. These sunrooms are designed for homeowners who are looking for more recreational space during the summer months, or who want to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bugs or inclement weather. With a three season room, you may also be able to extend your use of the room into the colder months.


Benefits of having a sunroom

There are numerous benefits ascribed to having a sunroom in your house. They offer a wide range of utilities. Apart from light and airy recreational space, it can be used as an extension to the dining area, can be turned into a yoga or workout room with a few gym equipments. It can also be used as an office space.

It adds light and airy space, creating positive energy in your home. It also helps to enhance the whole look and feel of your place; increases curb appeal as well. It helps create a sense of open space and elegance, making your house look even more attractive and pleasing. This also increases the resale value of your house.

Additional sunlight also affects your health. It reduces your stress levels and improves your overall health. You could also grow a few plants in your sunroom which would uplift your mood on those gloomy days.

Hire a Professional

Several companies offer free, in-home estimates and guidance to designing a sunroom for your home. They evaluate the layout of your home and discuss the design and budget in your mind. These companies have professionals who have immense experience and knowledge in such projects. They also consider critical components like easements, property size and using the most cost-effective and durable materials, so your sunroom project stays within budget and lasts a long time. They would be able to guide you at every step of the construction as well as maintenance.


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